PMINJ 2004 Symposium Posters

18th Annual Symposium

03 May 2004

Edison - Pines Manor



The following posters were presented at the Symposium:

Presenter(s) Topic
Mike Ahern, PMP
Pat Gibbons, PMP
Dawn E. Hofer, PMP
Kelly Rasmussen, PMP
Telcordia Technologies, Inc.
Winning New Business
Charles Benz, PMP
Amersham Health
Managing the Project Pipeline through the Project Office

Amy Jo Bloom, PMP A Software Gap Analysis Roadmap
George R. Dorer, PMP
Lessons Learned - Observations on an Initial Enterprise Implementation
Brent Folsom-Kovarik, PMP
Corliant, Inc.
Your Vendor's PM - A View from the Other Side of the Desk
Ali Faruqi, PMP
Kathleen C. Greer, PMP
DataCeutics, Inc.
Challenge of Managing Projects Remotely - Best Skills and Tools for Communication
C. Allan Hubler, PMP
Can the Best Practices PM and the Not-so-best Practices PM Exist in the Same Organization?
Meher Lanka, PMP
Microsoft Business Solutions Consulting
Critical Success Factors in Setting Expectations
Stan Lipper, PMP
DSA, Inc.
There's Nothing Like a Good Project Kick-off Meeting
Marion McGlynn, PMP
Su Narayanan, PMP
Aventis Pharmaceuticals
Rapid No Go Decisions in the Pharma Industry 
Thomas Moore, PMP
Living in a Weak Matrix Environment
Michael D. Okrent, PMP
Agilent Technologies
Vendor Selection using Forced Choice
Charles B. Rosen, PMP
PMOLink, Inc.
Program Management Office Conformation – Choosing the Right Horse for the Job
Brandy Sacco, PMP
Benefits of Improved Procurement Processes
Rajamani Sengodan, PMP
Offshore Outsourcing Models

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