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PMINJ 2006 Symposium Posters

20th Annual Symposium

01 May 2006

Long Branch - Ocean Place Resort and Spa

Sunday Seminar



The following posters were presented at the Symposium:

Presenter(s) Topic
Kurt Ackerman
Project Management and the Great Escape
Michael Bennink Using PMBOK to Confront Challenges in Global Construction
George Dorer Vendor Selection
Donna Frankowski
A Project Management Approach to Business Continuity Planning
Gloria Glickman
How to Manage an Outsourcing Project Successfully
Bonnie Herd
Gaining Global Project Approval
Michael Kaplan
The Effects of Globalization on Domestic High-Tech Contract Firms
David Lipper
Hello World - Adapting To Global Project Management
Thomas Markowski
Michelle Medley
Denny Panakal
Project Management of a Globally Distributed Team - Tools and Techniques
Richard Noel
Distance Learning Strategies for Global Projects
Maureen Sammis
The Benefits of Introducing Project Management Tools When Importing Custom Packaging From China
Henry Will
Negotiating in a Global Economy

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