PMINJ 2008 Symposium LCIs

22th Annual Symposium

05 May 2008

Edison - Pines Manor

Sunday Seminar



Following is the list of LCIs that will be represented at the Seminar:


Consulting SIG
William Craddock
PO Box 11168
Conway, AR 72034-0021
The Consulting Specific Interest Group aims to be recognized as the global leader in the consulting community by fostering collaboration among project managers to deliver business results. The Consulting Specific Interest Group exists to assist our members in achieving better business results by
  1. improving networking opportunities through collaboration among our members,
  2. supporting consultants through a community model, which integrates best practices, research, tools and theory, and
  3. contributing to the professional development of our membership. 


Pharmaceutical  SIG
Steve Kuprel
Director, Programs
(301) 796-0602
  • To provide a forum for networking and the exchange of ideas and information with fellow professionals
  • To advance state-of-the-art techniques in project management
  • To enhance the skills and knowledge of the project management professional in the health care industry
  • Monthly Webinars, free for members.
  • Establishment of four LIGs, North Carolina, Washington DC, NJ and CA, plus starting a European group.
  • Establishing a cooperative agreement with Drug Information Association's (DIA) Project Management Sub-Group.


Women in Project Management SIG
Ms. Rose Mary Tyler, PMP
1080 West Entrance Dr 
Ms 202
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
Phone: 313-230-6637

The WiPM SIG "came back to life" bigger and stronger after a period of inactivity. In 2001, the SIG received a PMI award for regeneration. It now has over 2,000 members worldwide, 15% of whom are non-US located, including over 500 members with the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential. Although its name and logo implies "women only," that's not the case--it has approximately ten men who are members of the organization. From the male perspective, WiPM provides a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about both the similarities and differences in gender as applied to our field.

While the types of services they provide are standard, they try to gear them with a female twist. Please browse their web site to learn more about our News Brief (6 times a year), special programs such as our eMentoring Program, Yahoo Community, and the volunteer opportunities.

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