PMINJ 2012 Symposium LCIs 

26th Annual Symposium

07 May 2012

Edison - Pines Manor

Sunday Seminar



Following is the list of LCIs that will be represented at the Seminar:

Contact:    Jagdish Singh
A forum for professional development opportunities for individuals and organizations to network, collaborate, share knowledge and experience in the area of Project, Program and Portfolio Management

Utility Industry
 c/o Carl Pro, Community Manager
 14 Campus Blvd
 Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299
 412 374 5822
The PMI Utility Industry Community of Practice is a global community composed of project management practitioners in the Utility Industry. The utility industry consists of organizations which provide a commodity or service (such as water, gas, electricity, cable, etc.) for eventual consumption by customers.

The PMI Utility Industry Community of Practice provides an opportunity for PMI® members in these organizations to:

  • Foster professionalism in the management of projects
  • Contribute to the quality and scope of project management
  • Stimulate appropriate global application of project management for the benefit of the general public
  • Provide a recognized forum for the free exchange of ideas, applications and solutions to project management issues among its members, and others interested in project management
  • Identify and promote the fundamentals of project management and advance the body of knowledge for managing projects successfully
  • Sponsor utility-specific projects and discussions to support our members
The PMI Utility Forum is a volunteer-driven organization, so your participation in this community is integral to the success and further growth of the project management profession in the Utility Industry. Join today and share your knowledge and expertise with this community!

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