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PMINJ 2013 IPM Day Speakers 

07 Nov 2013

Somerset, NJ - The Palace



Speaker Topic
Michael Dobson How to Manage an Impossible Project
Craig Price The Realist’s Guide
David Maurer Continuous improvement – an approach where …..Why, how & what matters
Jim Tosone Improvisation  for Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication

Michael Dobson

MICHAEL SINGER DOBSON, PMP, is an internationally known project management consultant, author, and lecturer. He’s the author of 24 books on various aspects of project management, office politics, organizational dynamics, and personal growth.

He is the author of Project: Impossible, Creative Project Management from McGraw-Hill, and six other books on project management.  His book Practical Project Management has sold well over 60,000 copies, making him one of the best selling authors in the project management field. His novels Fox on the Rhine and MacArthur’s War were selections of the Military Book Club, and his simulation game AD&D Battlesystem won the H. G. Wells Award. He contributed the decision theory section for a NASA/USAF Academy encyclopedia of space systems engineering and operations.

As a project manager, Michael helped build the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum and led creative and marketing operations for one of the world’s most famous hobby game companies. He is the world’s only private owner of an Apollo spacesuit.

Michael has given well over 1,000 project management seminars on three continents, with a distinguished client list including Naval Reactors, Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Union Carbide, NASA, GSA, the Weather Channel, and Australian State Rail, along with numerous PMI-sponsored events.

 He lives in Bethesda, Maryland, and is a member of the Montgomery County chapter of PMI.

You can follow Michael on Twitter as “SideWiseThinker.” He writes a weekly project management blog at, and has a website at


How to Manage an Impossible Project


It’s possible to manage an impossible project.

 When we say “nothing’s impossible,” we usually mean that given unlimited time, unlimited resources, and really flexible performance standards, we can do anything. “Give me a lever long enough and a platform to rest it on, and I will move the world,” said Archimedes, but he was obviously not a project manager. Our projects are constrained: the iron triangle of resources, time, and mandatory scope are only three of the dimensions that restrict our options.

 In project management, the question is whether the project is operationally possible, able to be done within the envelope of our constraints. As project managers, we know the importance of realistic budgets, schedules, and performance criteria, but let’s face it — we don’t always get the final word. Sometimes we get what we get and have to make do…somehow. Worse, we don’t always know what we’re really going to need.  You can’t always tell up front whether the project can actually be accomplished under the current circumstances. By the time we know, it may be too late.

 Managing impossible projects is something every project manager faces sooner or later, and in this keynote you’ll learn how to:

  • Spot “impossible” projects early
  • Find creative solutions to many “impossible” problems
  • Make the business case for change
  • Kill the truly impossible ones before they get out of hand
If it were easy, anybody could do it. If it’s impossible, they call in a project manager. Will you be ready?

Craig Price

As a speaker, author and podcaster, Craig has helped some of the most effective and diverse corporate leaders, from multibillion‐dollar manufacturers to top universities, around the country find the path to success. His honest and realistic approach allows them to understand how to use negativity as a tool for change and productivity.

Craig realized for true long‐term motivation and production, one must look at the current tools every person possesses and utilize them. This was the driving force behind his latest book “Half a Glass: The Realist’s Guide” which showcases his desire to bring “reality” based solutions to a variety of issues back into focus.  

An award winning professional stand‐up comedian, experienced actor and certified instructor, Craig has a background in customer service, information technology and safety. Craig uses his sharp wit, intelligence and straight talk to deliver entertaining, informative programs that allow people to believe in themselves under any circumstances.


The Realist’s Guide: Getting A Grip on Negativity


Is negative thinking causing problems in your business? It may be because you're not using all that negative thinking to your advantage!  We all know that negativity is an unfortunate part of life. Understanding its usefulness and value is a major key to success. With this innovative, entertaining program Craig Price takes a realistic, humorous look at traditionally "negative" issues. By looking at the hidden value in complainers, criticism and failure, Craig will give tools to not only limit the occurrence of these difficulties, he’ll have you looking at these "problems" in a whole new light.


The Realist’s Guide to the New Workforce


Are you struggling to understand the new workforce? Do you want to give them the proper tools so they can succeed in your organization?  Before you can manage a person, you need to understand them. This humorous and in‐depth program puts the spotlight on what has shaped and what motivates the multi‐generational workforce that exists today. Audience members older and younger alike will be entertained and enlightened by this informative presentation.

Guneet Singh

Guneet Singh,  Sr. Director – Business Process Innovation,  ADP – AVS.
 Guneet is a global business professional with continuous improvement experience managing international strategic and functional units. He has designed and successfully launched continuous improvement chapters in several companies in his professional carrier. Guneet has extensive work experience in field of customer experience, continuous improvement in various industries across the globe in companies like GE, Bank of America, SITEL & Stream Global services.


Continuous improvement – an approach where …..Why, how & what matters


In the present day competitive landscape across industries, a new philosophy, methodology, or approach evolves daily, inspires market infatuation, and gains organizational embrace to finally deliver results which vary substantially and are often questionable. The result is a never ending race to complete certifications and knowledge badges in order to establish standards that demonstrate proficiency in an ever growing number of new approaches.  This is where continuous improvement or business process innovation takes a different path.  

 It is not about a badge or certification or standard; it’s about a mindset, an approach, a philosophy – to continuously strive for excellence by challenging the status quo.    Make it the way you think, live, & operate.

 This session will provide an overview of what it means when you hear the words ‘continuous improvement’ and how it compares & contrasts with respect to other popular methodologies.

Jim Tosone

Jim Tosone is Managing Director of Tosone Associates. Its Improv Means BusinessTM program helps organizations enhance creativity, collaboration, and communication using the principles and techniques of improvisation. Workshops include Improv for Leaders, Improv for Innovation, Improv for Collaboration, Improv for Agility, and Improv for Customer Engagement.  The program has been used successfully by organizations such as Chubb Insurance, Dannon, DIRECTV, M&M Mars, MetLife, Pepsi, Pfizer, and Time Warner.

Jim is a graduate of the world-renowned Second City Training Center and has performed at New York City venues including Players Theatre and The Comedy Cellar. Prior to forming Tosone Associates, Jim had a long and distinguished career as an IT Executive at Pfizer, his last position as the Head of Pfizer HealthCare Informatics.  He has an MS and BS from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ.


Improvisation for Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication


Great Project Managers communicate well and establish collaborative relationships. They are also pragmatic, flexible, and adapt comfortably to changing circumstances. The techniques of Improvisation (Improv) can help you build and strengthen these capabilities in unique ways, including:

  • Shift focus from individual to team success
  • See things from the other person’s perspective
  • Become more agile and react more quickly to changing circumstances
In this educational and entertaining session, volunteers from the audience will participate in a set of short Improv exercises designed to develop these capabilities. Each exercise will be followed by a discussion of the learnings and how to practice, internalize, and apply them.

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