PMINJ 2016 Symposium Career

30th Annual Symposium

02 May 2016

Edison - Pines Manor

Sunday Seminar

Career Fair

Career Fair

PMINJ members who are in transition or considering a job or career change will have an excellent opportunity to:
  • Hear a lively panel discussion that will kick-start your career goals.  
  • Network with local company recruiters and hiring managers who are currently hiring project managers.  
  • Meet one-on-one with resume writers, career coaches and LinkedIn professionals.
Symposium attendees are welcome to attend the Career Fair Track.  You do not need a separate registration to attend this track. 

PMINJ members who are not attending the Symposium can attend the Career Fair starting at 2:00 at no cost.  The Symposium registration fee must be paid to participate in other Symposium tracks and presentations.

Bring plenty of resumes and business cards.

Career Fair Agenda

Career Therapy: How to Rescue Your Career,
Create a More Effective Personal Brand,
and Optimize Opportunity Flow

Book Sales / Exhibitors / LCI
to 5:00

Tom Crea

Dave Herron

Mike Milutis

Mike Palestina

Gail Rolls
Leadership Development
Like you, Tom Crea knows that leadership development is a continuous learning process.  An Army officer with more than 20 years of leadership experience, Tom speaks about the importance of aligning organizational culture and individual values so that you move from your zone of excellence to your zone of genius. As a Blackhawk helicopter pilot, Tom interacted with soldiers from Private to 4-star General, giving him the opportunity to work with leaders at every level. His frontline and "in the trenches" experiences enable him to share practical and elegantly simple ways to communicate, build teams, and succeed in today's competitive workplace. After leaving the military, Tom operated at the highest levels within the Department of Defense.  Combined with his background in aviation, information technology, and higher education, Tom is able to relate lessons learned with businesses, organizations, and government entities across a variety of industries through powerful keynotes, life-changing seminars, and dedicated coaching sessions.

The Value of Your Personal Network
Management consultant, lecturer and author of several industry leading books on IT performance measurement, David Herron is co-founder of David Consulting Group, dedicated to the advancement of business value through software. David provides job performance coaching services and lends his expertise in an advisory role and as a board chair on several non-profit boards.

How LinkedIn Facilitates PeopleFlow
Michael Milutis, learning and development innovator and volunteer career coach, is a corporate marketing strategist at CAI and Director and Co-founder of the IT Metrics & Productivity Institute, an organization devoted to continuous online learning for IT professionals and PMP project managers. Michael also provides pro-bono branding and marketing advice to individuals and small businesses. A University of Pennsylvania graduate, Michael is on the Board of PMI's Keystone Chapter and is Vice President and Director of Development for the Young People's Philharmonic of the Lehigh Valley.

Emotional Awareness and Behavior Management
Mike Palestina is a Certified Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant who collaborates with senior executives, mid-level managers, and other leaders to inspire and enhance individual's attitudes, behaviors, and performance, resulting in increased employee engagement and retention. These shifts ultimately contribute to successfully reaching desired goals and exceeding individual and organizational expectations.  Mike is passionate about helping others modify behaviors. Utilizing his extensive practical business experience Mike blends coaching practices with mentoring, advising, and counseling as well, providing his clients with a richer interpersonal experience in which to modify attitudes, behaviors, and performance.

Leveraging Project Management Soft Skills to Market Yourself
Gail Rolls, Senior Recruiter at CAI, Inc. and master networker, is an award-winning IT recruiter who specializes in placing project managers along with business analysts, software developers, engineers and mainframe programmer analysts.  Gail's vertical expertise includes healthcare, insurance, finance, utilities, chemicals and energy.  Her territory extends throughout the Lehigh Valley, New England and the Tri-State Area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

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