PMINJ 2017 IPM Day LCIs 

12th IPM Day Seminar

02 Nov 2017

Somerset, NJ - The Palace



Following is the list of LCIs that will be represented at the Seminar:


Nitin Khanna
  The Agile LCI provides a specific focus on Scrum, eXtreme Programming (XP), Kanban and other Agile practices. We share common interests and challenges, experiences related to the setup and operation of Agile teams, discuss trends associated with Agility, provide continuing project management education, and learn from other Agile practitioners.  Our focus includes:
  • Defining the benefits Agile practices offer
  • Bringing in Agile(such as Scrum) into an organization (bottom-up, top-down, stealth, etc.)
  • Ordering a backlog and maximizing ROI
  • Creating enterprise agility (e.g. LeSS; SPS; SAFe, etc.)
  • Highlighting the rules of Scrum vs. the advantage of a Framework
  • Identifying success factors (for profit vs. not for profit; internal vs. external products)
  • Quantifying metrics such as burndowns, burnups, velocity (its interpretation, use and misuse)
  • Planning releases
  • Sharing specific experiences regarding the setup and ongoing management of effective Agile Teams.
  • Studying trends associated with Agility (e.g. Version One Annual Survey)
  • Bringing awareness of various Agile organizations offering certifications and continuing education such as Scrum Alliance, Scrum.Org, ICAgile, and SAFe.
The Agile LCI is also still looking for volunteers for the LCI-Agile core committee. For more information, contact Nitin Khanna at the contact information (above) with the subject line “PMINJ LCI – Agile”

Anyone interested can also participate in the subgroup under PMINJ’s LinkedIn group at –

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