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Barbara A. Fuller, PMP, PMINJ VP Marketing

When you say the word marketing, many people think it means telling everyone about a product or service. However, marketing is much more involved, and in the world of PMINJ our marketing team makes a huge difference.

 The Marketing team consists of three major parts: Outreach (Corporate and Community), Sponsorship, and Communications / PR.  
  • Thanks to the addition of Dennis McCarthy as the director of Corporate Outreach we are making great strides
  • Community Outreach has also made excellent progress with our PMINJ volunteers concentrating in three areas: Charitable which involves Food, Clothing, Shelter donations, Schools support and Scouting activities.
  • Communications / PR include continuous activities throughout the year with many volunteers focused on reaching out to members and the PM community through seminars, social networks, publishing event pictures, promoting member achievements and submitting articles for our newsletter.

The wonderful volunteers on our Marketing team collaborate well with existing organizations to create successful outcomes. One example is the warm clothes drive at the PMINJ IPM Day event in 2012. In late April, thanks to our on the ground PM, Melinda Posipanko, working directly with the Franklin Township Food Bank as the coordinator for their bike event, over $70,000 in contributions for the Food Bank were received. This exciting event had over 700 participants and 20 PMINJ volunteers who helped. This event also initiated a PMINJ bike riding team that came in 2nd place in fund-raising! Many thanks to Lystra Haynes for leading the PMINJ bike team.
 Our 2013 summer food drive began with the May Symposium. We thank Elaine Tanimura for leading this activity. We ask you to please bring in your contributions to the upcoming June meeting.
 We continue to work in the areas of Scouting, Habitat for Humanity, and will be launching a new program in K-12 schools. Stay tuned, or better yet, join this exciting team to help make a difference in the community and spreading the value of project management. Send an email to .

 As you can see by the flurry of activity described here, Marketing at PMINJ is much more than just stating the services offered at PMINJ. It’s an integral approach and promotion of PMINJ through the programs we offer. Our Marketing team is always ready to coordinate with our programs and members to see where we can involve our PM community next.

Chapter Announcements

Volunteer of the Quarter 2Q13

Marc Matrulli

MarcMarc Matrulli is one of our most dedicated volunteers on the PMINJ Programs Team, and is the Team Co-Leader for the Programs Venue Management Team.  Marc, along with his Co-Leader Dan Ackerman, is responsible for identifying venues for our monthly chapter meetings, negotiating contracts, and managing the relationships with each facility to ensure they deliver the best service to PMINJ attendees.

 A project manager for over 15 years, Marc joined PMINJ in 2006 when his role at Johnson & Johnson included training on PM practices.  Marc earned his PMP in 2007, knowing the credential would help give him the credibility his role required. The strategy worked, and Marc is currently responsible for IT Portfolio Strategy and Process at Johnson & Johnson.

Marc has been a volunteer on the Programs Venue Management team since 2010. He is a gracious host and the Programs Team relies on Marc to work with the meeting facilities staff. A recent example of Marc’s dedication and initiative was his work with the staff at the Pines Manor after Hurricane Sandy to make sure all systems were “Go” for the November Chapter meeting. Like many other businesses, the Pines had lost power and suffered some damage due to the storm, and Marc stayed in close contact with the facility to ensure they’d be back in service in time for the meeting.

Marc plays a vital role as a volunteer and Team Co-Leader for PMINJ’s Programs Monthly Chapter meetings. When asked why he volunteers and what he enjoys about his role, Marc said, “It allows me to leverage my Project Management skills and to interact with all the other Program Team volunteers that work so hard to make each Chapter meeting such a success.”

PMINJ Programs relies on the help of dedicated, talented volunteers like Marc to deliver successful Program Chapter meetings and provide valuable professional development opportunities to the members.  We appreciate Marc’s commitment, energy, and professionalism and thank him sincerely for his valued contribution to the PMINJ community.

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Project  of the Year 

By Kinal Amin

Solix Wins PMINJ’s Project of the Year 2013   

 POYPMINJ awarded the 2013 “Project of the Year” to Solix, Inc. at our monthly chapter meeting held on April 16th in Bridgewater, NJ. This project was selected based on their exceptional project management work related to the Solix, Inc. “Connect2Compete (C2C)” program.

 The goal of the C2C project was to provide nationwide high speed, low-cost broadband and computers to low income citizens. The program required Solix to design a way for participating partners to view the status of applicants. Program Integrity Measures were developed to ensure systems controls were in place for numerous areas of the program, including application processing, call centers and a website.

“Out of the many submissions, your project not only showed an in-depth knowledge of executing project management skills but it was quite clear there was great collaboration among your leadership team,” said Louis A. Vazquez, PMP, PMINJ Director, Project of the Year.
poy“From first meeting, it was clear that Solix brought to the table a comprehensive understanding of how to build an unknown program from idea to implementation using a proven disciplined project management approach,” said Sonja Murray, Executive Vice President, C2C.

 Solix, Inc. is a NJ based business process outsourcing firm that services government, telecommunications, broadband, utility and healthcare organizations. They were selected in February 2012 by Connect2Compete (C2C), a non-profit public-private organization, to design this program that enable parents of school-aged children to apply to the program based on a variety of eligibility requirements.

 The Connect2Compete Program Team:  Client – Sonja Murray, Executive Vice President Connect2Compete; Stuart Waldrum, Senior Vice President & CIO; Eric Seguin, Vice President of Corporate Development and Government Programs; Janice Molloy, General Manager Project Management; Rick DiLollo, Director - Project Management; Mark Ashnault, Senior Director - Application Architecture; Ray Rojas, Director - Network Support; Landon Swaim, Manager - Operations; Abhishek Sinha, Lead Architect; Amanda Severson, Call Center Supervisor

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PMINJ Cares – Food Drive 

Elaine Tanimura is the leader of the Summer Food Drive. "Thank you" to those who contributed donations at the May chapter meeting. The Food Drive continues! Please remember to bring your donations to the June 18th PMINJ Chapter meeting.

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Event Reports

Volunteer Recognition Dinner

VolunteersThe key to PMINJ Chapter success is the dedicated Board members and team of volunteers. Through their hard work on our many programs and committees, PMINJ is one of the most successful chapters overall for the Project Management Institute. In order to recognize the tremendous volunteer effort that benefits all members, PMINJ hosts the annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner event every March. For the past three years, Nita Parikh, has run the Volunteer Recognition Dinner and had the pleasure of meeting our energetic volunteers.   

 This year the Volunteer Dinner Event, which was project managed by Dotti Evans, was held at the Imperia of Somerset, located on Easton Avenue in Somerset. Approximately 100 volunteers attended the event.  Volunteers enjoyed a happy hour where they could mingle with other volunteers, some meeting other volunteer members face-to-face for the first time! They enjoyed a variety of hors d'oeuvres and drinks and when the dining room opened, everyone settled in at their designated tables. Nita Parikh and Judy Balaban presided over the event and gave short presentations thanking the volunteers for their contributions.

 volunteersThere was a hum in the dining room as everyone visited and talked about their latest projects, jobs, families and potential future events for the chapter. The guests enjoyed a delicious buffet including carving and pasta stations; ice cream sundaes and various pastries were provided for dessert. Our guests left as the evening wound down. We’re hoping they made several new friends and connections among our fellow PMINJ volunteers. It was a relaxing, enjoyable evening, a great networking event, and a special way to thank our excellent volunteers for their hard work in 2012.

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PMINJ May 2013 Chapter Meeting

As Rick Heaslip explained to the audience at our May 21st chapter meeting in Morristown, many project managers would agree that their roles and responsibilities extend well beyond the traditional project management credo to deliver "on time, on budget, and to specifications."  However, most find it difficult to identify a more acceptable and universally applicable modern-day mandate. In today’s knowledge-based organizations, the specific expectations of project and program management professionals can vary greatly. There may be differences in the nature of projects, the structure of governance systems, or the culture of organizations. These differences can lead to considerable confusion about the definition of “success.”  

During his presentation at our May chapter meeting, Rick Heaslip, Ph.D, asked the audience to consider what the credo of modern-day project management professionals should be.  He pondered the questions surrounding a better approach to defining roles and responsibilities.  He helped us take a fresh look at the evolution of modern-day organizations, and of the roles and responsibilities of their project management professionals.  We explored the challenges that today’s Project Managers face within their organizations. Dr. Heaslip discussed the value of a new approach for defining project management’s roles and responsibilities – an approach that re-defines this area of project and program management and bases it on the management of project and program complexity.

 Rick Heaslip has been teaching Program Leadership Skills and Systems in Organizational Dynamics at the University of Pennsylvania since 2006, when he assumed responsibility for developing the P3 Program’s core coursework in Program Management.

 His excellent presentation skills and interactive manner at our chapter dinner opened eyes with his message. We left the meeting considering the possibilities of a new approach to the business of project management. Dinner was excellent at the Hyatt Morristown and the satellites were participating in the conversation as well. We hope Rick Heaslip will be back soon with another presentation. We also look forward to reading his upcoming book on Third Generation Programattics, when it is published at the end of 2013.  

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Merck’s Project Management Day

MerckRepresentatives from PMINJ Community Outreach and Corporate Outreach teams were on hand on May 13, 2013, for Merck’s Annual Project Management Day.  Linda Schaldonat, PMINJ Administrator, Mike Vitale, PMINJ Community Outreach and Dennis McCarthy, PMINJ Corporate Outreach staffed the PMINJ information table where Merck employees and contractors were able to find out about the benefits and opportunities that PMI and PMINJ membership offers. Participants were also able to sign up for specific areas of interest such as membership, PMP prep training, and volunteering. Dennis also provided a presentation about PMINJ.

 Special thanks to Liz Somers and Tina Gertsch at Merck for inviting PMINJ to participate at their exceptional event!

PM Articles

Book Review: “Tools for Project Management, Workshops and Consulting”

Reviewer: Andrew Marshall, CoP Volunteer Book Reviewer for  #iscopbookclub

Book Information: by Andler, Nicolai (2012). Wiley Publishing.

“Tools for Project Management, Workshops and Consulting,” offers the beginning and intermediate project manager a comprehensive starter kit of tools that can be drawn upon individually and combined to supplement existing knowledge and experience. The presentation is systematic, logical and readily accessible. The online version has the benefit of internal hyperlinks making navigation easy and making this an excellent ready reference.

 In this book, Nicolai Andler’s intent is to provide a competency model and a range of tools and processes in support of achieving ever-increasing levels of competency. As a practicing business consultant with clients in Europe, South Africa and Southeast Asia and a lecturer and workshop presenter, Andler recognizes that it is not necessary, or even valuable, to ask that a reader work through the book from beginning to end. He knows that the tools work best when used in a pinpointed fashion to meet a client’s specific set of needs. As a result, the book is designed to be readily accessible.

 The tools themselves are not unique. The value that Andler brings is in defining how they might fit a specific purpose—solving defined problems—and how to identify them and apply them in the most effective and efficient manner possible. The book would be most especially useful to the beginning consultant, or to someone who is seeking to engage consultants for the first time. In that case it would be a guidebook steering tool and technique selection and appropriate decision-making.

 Another aspect of the book that is welcome is the clear structure for the way the tools and techniques are presented. The format is used consistently and repeatedly. I especially appreciated the author’s Tips and Suggestions for each section as many of them are based on obvious hard lessons-learned and would be a boon to any practitioner, let alone a relatively new consultant or project manager.

 Finally, for those seeking additional shortcuts in order to rapidly access and apply the tools and techniques appropriately, be sure to review the Annex sections. I consider Nicolai Ander’s Tools for Project Management, Workshops and Consulting a great addition to my personal reference library and hope you will, too.

New Certificate Holders

The following have received their certifications since the last newsletter (through 30 April 2013):
 Navin Agrawal
 Belkis Akpinar
 Carl Andricsak
 Marcel Bautista
 Anand Behera
 Jaclyn Britchkow
 John Carini
 Alan Chester
 dover cole
 Fred Corcoran
 Robert Ditko
 John DiVuolo
 Diane Doyle
 Steven Duarte
 Desmond Duncker
 Michelle Dupars
 Brian Elder
 Mickal Erickson
 Robert Farricker
 Sandra Ferrer
 Michael FrancisLafond
 Edward Gajek
 Arpita Gandhi
 Kumar Gaurav
 Robert Goodnow
 David Grandell
 Saysha Greene
 John Halkiadakis
 Joseph HartleyGreer
 Richard Jachens
 Irina Katz
 Corrie Makovsky
 Barbara McClendon
 Nancy McElroy
 Kinnar Mehta
 Aaron Meyers
 Ranjit MohananNair
 Benjamin Mugrage
 Deborah Nelson
 Roger Okewole
 Harish Patel
 Rakesh Patel
 Richard Pilsbury
 Don Quinn
 Mohammed Rahman
 Saranga Ram
 Stephen Reade
 Alberto Rebolledo
 Pedro Sardinas
 Helen Shareshian
 Greg Sheehan
 Arun Shrivastava
 Clair Stelus
 Eileen Tarnacki
 Michael VanderValk
 Sowmya Varanasi
 Umakanth Vavilala
 Mital Vora
 Peter Warchol
 Yoonkeun Yoo
 Gregory Zammitti

Vinay Kumar Shankam Narayana
 Thomas Carle
Eric Yoskowitz
 Alonso De Rutte
Brian Elder
 Francisco Cruz
Francisco Cruz

 Oluseyi Ayorinde
 George Chicolo
 Cynthia Crecca
 Robert Crowling
 Miguel Otero

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