PMINJ Pulse Welcome 
February is upon us. In the PMI New Jersey Chapter community, February is volunteer recognition month. Each year the Chapter holds a celebration to thank the volunteers for their dedication and service.

Studies show that non-profit organizations exemplify the qualities of values, passion, and ethics. When comparing company employees and non-profit volunteers, non-profit volunteers take the lead in their sense of mission, commitment, and desire to make a difference.

Every PMINJ Chapter Board member and volunteer is a leader in their commitment, ethics, drive and passion for project management and the Chapter’s mission - to be the organization of choice for Project Management professionals in New Jersey.

PMINJ members have a choice in the organization that they join and support, and the Board and volunteers have a responsibility to provide services, education, and timely offerings. With information readily available about non-profit organizations in public domains, members are able to choose what organization they belong to or not.

PMINJ exists clearly for the benefit of its member community, and year after year it is proven with outstanding programs, events, and offerings. To which I give a heartfelt thank you to the volunteers and members of the PMINJ Chapter.

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