PMI New Jersey Chapter
PMINJ 2002 January Meeting

22 January 2002 - Holiday Inn


The January meeting was a joint meeting of the New Jersey and Delaware Valley Chapters. 

PDP Information

Program Number: C020-22012002
Web-Enabled PM Methodology - Case Study
Activity Sponsor: PMINJ Chapter (C020)
Category Type: 3 
Subject Areas 
Knowledge: 08 
Process: 06
Application/Specific Interest Groups: 30 
PDUs: - 1.5
Leadership - 0.0
Strategic - 0.0
Technical - 1.5


This case study involved taking a Fortune 500 organization through the automation & collaboration process to deliver a web-enabled, self -service project management methodology. Three key topics were addressed:
  1. the iterative refinement and “PM Light” approach used in the development,
  2. the need for separating PM methodology and application methodology
  3. the strategy of implementing a methodology as a “volitional framework” in order to spread a consistent disciplined PM approach with minimal administrative infrastructure and compliance monitoring. 


George Pitagorsky, PMP: Director – IIL 

George Pitagorsky has more than thirty years of project management experience in IT and business process engineering, including methodology development and PM implementation consulting.  He is an expert facilitator and trainer.  He authored IIL's PM Basics ®, IIL’s IT Project Management System ®, and articles and courses on project management. 

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