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PMINJ 2003 September Meeting

16 September 2003 - Edison - Sheraton Raritan Center

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Program Number: C020-16092003
Project Management and the Global Economy: Why Great Execution Matters
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Using his insights from research by the faculty of the Howe School of Technology Management at Stevens Institute of Technology, along with his experience as Under Secretary of the Navy and advisor and board member of Fortune 100 companies, Dean Hultin discussed how managing efforts such as massive military and homeland security projects, implementing major information technology and knowledge systems in corporations, or introducing new technologies into the marketplace from a small company, all require a fresh perspective.   The ability to execute well requires far more than it did when Frederick Winslow Taylor -- a Stevens Institute graduate, Class of 1883 – first invented “scientific management.”   This is part of Stevens Institute’s unique approach to learning called Technogenesis®.


              Speaker  award

Honorable Jerry MacArthur Hultin


A 1964 graduate of Ohio State University, where he also received his commission as a naval officer, and a 1972 graduate of Yale University Law School, Jerry Hultin spent more than 25 years in the private sector in Ohio and Washington, D.C.  From 1997 to 2000, Mr. Hultin served as Under Secretary of the Navy, the Department’s number two civilian leader.  More recently, Mr. Hultin served as the on-air military analyst for WNBC in New York City during Iraq War of 2003. Mr. Hultin is presently the Dean of the Wesley J. Howe School of Technology Management and Professor of Management at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, N.J.

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