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PMINJ 2005 February Meeting

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Program Number: C020-15022005
Extreme Risk Mitigation for Acceleration Projects
Activity Sponsor: PMINJ Chapter (C020)
Category Type: 3 
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Knowledge: 08 
Process: 06
Application/Specific Interest Groups: 30 
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Technical - 1.5


Most risk lists on projects are storage.  They become an interesting list of problems the project is facing but often remain bullet points on project review slides and status reports and do not show up in specific and powerful action on the project.  Decisions and decisive action is often delayed until the problem becomes a crisis or the project is unrecoverable. The sad truth is that the vast majority of problems that occur late in projects were known by someone on the project very early on.  This knowledge is not enough to ensure effective early mitigation. 

Extreme Risk Mitigation requires a shift in the fundamental thinking and language of the project team.  It provides a paradigm shift that results in the identification of risk that actually leads to effective, appropriate and immediate mitigation. It leads to the mitigation of risk that project teams used to think were “unmitigatable.” This talk used real examples from IT and technology product development projects and presented specific proven structures that can be implemented by any project team to greatly increase the success of projects in the face of risk. 


Adam Josephs - Principal Consultant - Celerity Consulting Group LLC

Adam Josephs is a Partner at Celerity Consulting Group LLC.  He has managed engineering projects and product organizations for over 10 years at Apple Computer, Microsoft and a variety of Internet startups.  He has lectured and consulted on product development strategy and accelerating technology projects in startup and established companies around the world.  Adam is a graduate of Stanford University, currently teaches at New York University and speaks at industry conferences including PMI, ProjectWorld and Management Roundtable. You can visit Adam's web-site at:

Other Meetings:

Career Networking LCI

Topic: The First CNP Meeting

Our first CNP was conducted prior to the regular meeting.  There was excellent discussion regarding the needs of the members needing or wishing to change jobs.  Look for additional sessions later.

Wayne Baruch,  Karen Barglowski and Sheila McRae moderated the session.  They have done extensive work to pull this event together.


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