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PMINJ 2008 January Meeting

15 January 2008 - Morristown - Governor Morris


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Program Number: C020-15012008
You've Got Way Too Many Issues
Activity Sponsor: PMINJ Chapter (C020)
Category Type: 3 
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Knowledge: 10 
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Technical - 1.5


Project Managers realize that they must manage the various risks and uncertainties in a timely and effective manner.  Yet, they often fail by not performing project risk management on a continuing and thorough basis.  Project Risk Management means proactively planning, identifying, assessing, responding, monitoring and controlling the uncertainties on our project.  It is a well-defined project management area, with various tools and techniques and processes.  PMI’s Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (3rd Edition) devotes an entire chapter (knowledge area) to this practice. 

Project managers handle five to ten times more issues than risks on their projects.  While the reasons for this are varied, most revolve around the fact that there is not enough time to do good proactive risk management planning, so Project Managers wait until the risk is realized (i.e., becomes an issue) before they deal with it.  The trouble with this strategy is that Project Managers are then always in reactive mode and spend most of their management time developing workarounds. 

This session will discuss the differences between Project Risk Management and Issues Management and review the project management tools that you have at you disposal that make this job easier.  Ernie Baker will also cover some techniques and recommendations for applying these tools. 



Ernie Baker

He is the president of Start to Finish PM, Inc.  Ernie was instrumental in the development, implementation and coordination and instruction of multi-year project management training programs for MetLife Insurance, Disney and Bristol-Myers Squibb.  He is a frequent presenter, offering presentations throughout the US and Canada.  Ernie is best known for his sense of humor, his analogies, stories and insights into the world of the project manager. 

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