PMI New Jersey Chapter
PMINJ 2009 Career Seminar

13 Jun 2009

New Brunswick, NJ - Rutgers – Douglass Campus



Get prepared for the Career Triathlon:

Resume Writing



Summer is coming fast. It is time to get in shape. Not just your physique but your career. Join your career fitness experts for information on how to get your career on the right track and win the career race. We have experts in the field of career and job strategy, in resume writing, behavioral interviewing and the crafting of an engaging elevator pitch. All of the sessions will be interactive. The ‘workout rooms’ will focus on one topic and allow some one-on-one contact. 
The workshops will help you:
  • Develop a Career Fitness Plan
  • Get your Resume in shape
  • Streamline your “Elevator Pitch” to engage listeners
  • Fine tune your interviewing skills

Your Career Fitness team:

  • Career Coaches
  • Outplacement Experts
  • Certified Behavioral Interviewer
  • Qualified Resume Reviewers


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