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PMINJ 2012 October Meeting

16 October 2012 - Morristown - Hyatt


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Program Number: C020-16102012
Nailing Gelatin to the Wall or How to Gather Business Requirements
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Activity Sponsor: PMINJ Chapter (C020)
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The business requirements gathering / scope definitions phase is the litmus test for a project’s success. If you don’t get the right information at the right time, you’ll experience cost overruns, poor quality, and dissatisfied customers. The project will be a failure. For over thirty years, the statistics have been virtually unchanged. More than 50% of ERP implementations have “failed.” (An internet search engine identified about 8 million results for “ERP failures” and 114,000 results for “HRIS failures.”) Just as the failure rates have been unchanged, the solutions have also been unchanged: “Let’s spend millions of dollars to implement the “latest and greatest” methodology.”  The methodologies included everything from high-priced consulting firm’s “proprietary” methodologies to the SOP (seat of pants) non-methodology. Despite this investment, over half of ERP and other IT projects have been unsuccessful.

 Major non-IT projects are more successful because their business requirements are well defined before the development phase begins. Unfortunately, gathering business requirements is like nailing gelatin to the wall. It’s possible with the right skill set. This presentation can help any methodology become more successful.  During this session, we’ll examine the underlying requirements gathering problems, their causes, and some real (cheap) solutions towards improving this process. You’ll learn to:
  • Understand the real reason behind project failures
  • Sell business requirements gathering to stakeholders and team members
  • Gain control over and stopping project scope creep
  • Gather and build data and process flows
  • Renegotiate the project constraints.




Mr. Reed is an IT professional with over twenty-five years in management and executive positions for various Fortune 500 companies, governmental entities, and large consulting firms including Texas Instruments, Motel 6, Ernst & Young, Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport, Siemens, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. The responsibilities included managing multi-million dollar departmental budgets and staffing blends of international, multi-generational, multi-cultural employees and consultants. He holds two graduate degrees and two undergraduate degrees and has taught collegiate business management, IT, accounting, and project management. Mr. Reed has spoken at over 100 national and international businesses, project management, and IT conferences. He has five books and over fifty articles published. An avid runner, Mr. Reed has completed over one hundred 26.2-mile marathons on all seven continents and in over thirty States. This included the frigid Antarctica, Kenya’s dangerous Lewa SafriCom, and China’s Great Wall Marathons. His latest book is Running to Leadership: What Finishing 100+ Marathons On All Seven Continents Teaches Us About Success.

Other Meetings:

Career Networking  LCI

TopicGet Acquainted

In this session, we’ll encourage each of you to introduce yourself to the PMs in the room, concisely describe your background, and name your target industries/companies – in effect, give your ‘elevator speech’.  By announcing to all who you are and what you want, you are maximizing the impact of networking, enabling a person with the contacts who are important to you to meet you and share that critical information.
 Join us for this casual get-acquainted meeting, bring business cards, perhaps your marketing plan, and prepare to share.  As Barbara A. Fuller emphasized at the September session, you never know who has the contact that will catapult your career into stardom.  We’re hoping that you’ll find that connection here!


Topic: Quarterly Panel Discussion

The PMINJ PMO LCI will host its quarterly Panel Discussion facilitated by Fareed Hosain and Snigdha Mitra. It will be an interactive session where participants will have an opportunity to discuss best practices, challenges, and other information about PMOs.  We look forward to your active participation and welcome your input to make each panel discussion useful to you and fellow LCI members.


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