PMI New Jersey Chapter
PMINJ 2013 June Workshop

One Day Workshop

by Bill Vignes
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Monday - 10 June 2013

at SHI International Corporation - Somerset, NJ

Earn 8 PDUs

Trainer Bio


There has never been a better time to differentiate yourself from the pack and take huge leaps in your life and career – as long as you’re ready for it!   In this climate of accelerating change, companies merge, roles change, jobs disappear and new opportunities await.  The only constant is that you’re in the middle of it all. Electrify Your ROI is the only workshop that strengthens both your personal and professional foundation and awareness to maximize your chances of becoming the one who leads into the future, and not the one who is left behind.

 Along with straight-forward, real-world instruction on the business and value-focused language you need to speak and understand in order to be a business leader, this workshop leverages emotional intelligence and personal foundation concepts to drive lasting behavioral change that mitigates the personal risks we all (knowingly or unknowingly) create for ourselves while greatly multiplying the value you bring to any team or organization.

 Project practitioners certainly don’t need to be CPAs or financial experts to be effective, but must be proficient with certain fundamental business concepts that can be applied directly to projects.  Having a solid grasp of these important concepts can greatly assist project teams in achieving optimized and sustained business value for organizations. Most of us have heard of the terms discounting, ROI, NPV, IRR and payback, but what do they really mean, what do they entail and how do we apply them to projects? As project professionals, we must not be intimidated by the numbers, and Electrify Your ROI will show you how to fully understand and embrace them to accurately represent and manage your project investments.

 Project professionals will walk away with a renewed personal vision, hard-core value knowledge and behavioral awareness that leads to a drastically higher level of performance to ensure you will always be a true value and positive force in any organizational or social environment.

 This 1-day workshop will give you new insight around which to re-align your personal and professional vision from learned reaction to one of choice, design and strength.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to perceive and achieve business value from your project investments
  • Develop the awareness, skills and ability to raise your own performance and that of your project team
  • Understand the significance and elements of the business case 
  • Learn the tips to increase your influence with stakeholders, team members and executives
  • Learn how to build cash flow models and speak proficiently in business and financial terms
  • Develop your professional presence by orienting around your values, building your awareness and EQ
  • Understand and apply ROI contributing vs. value enabling business benefits
  • Improve your communication skills even during conflict through awareness, behavioral management and coaching competencies
  • Understand and apply key ROI measurements, to include NPV, IRR, ROI and payback period



Bill Vignes is a professionally trained Executive, Team and Organizational Coach, and has spent 2 decades aligning and coordinating strategic project teams with corporate client visions while maintaining a strict focus on individual integrity.  With roles ranging from Business Development Director to VP to Professional Coach, he’s prioritized a life of balance, integrity and vision with a limitless wonder, curiosity and some might say warped sense of humor.


Registration and Continental Breakfast: 7:30
Start: 8:30
Working Lunch: ~12:00
End: 4:30 (8 PDUs)


SHI International Corporation
290 Davidson Avenue
Somerset, NJ  08873

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