PMI New Jersey Chapter
PMINJ 2014 Oct Workshop

One Day Workshop

by Marc Resch
Co-sponsored with Resch Group

Monday - 06 October 2014

at SHI International Corporation - Somerset, NJ

Earn 8 PDUs

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In this course we evaluate important elements of the business case, key cash flow concepts and focus on their applicability to business and to the overall financial bottom line.

 Project professionals certainly don’t need to be Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) or financial experts to be effective in their roles, but must be proficient with certain fundamental business concepts that can be applied directly to their projects. Having a solid grasp of these important concepts can greatly assist project teams in achieving optimized and sustained business value for their organizations.

 Cash flow modeling is one of the most important activities in building effective business cases and in determining the actual amounts of cash that will be expended, saved or generated as a result of project implementations. Cash flow models are constructed by synthesizing all of the information that was gathered during the interviews, focus groups and various other research efforts and then using that information to create a series of projected cash flows over a period of time, typically the useful life of a project.

 As project professionals, we must not be intimidated by the numbers, but must understand and embrace them to accurately represent and manage our project investments.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Recognize modern day project management challenges, trends and opportunities
  • Understand the strategic elements of project investments
  • Appreciate the significance and elements of the business case
  • Determine how to classify and apply project benefits
  • ROI contributing vs. Value enabling benefit
  • Understand how to formulate and gather project metrics
  • Understand the key principles and techniques to cash flow modeling
  • Evaluate and analyze cash flow modeling ‘words of caution’
  • Fully grasp the time value of money concepts
  • Understand and apply key ROI measurements
  • NPV, ROI, IRR, Payback Period
  • Learn how true business value can be attained and sustained
  • Learn how to speak proficiently in business and financial terms



Marc Resch has decades in the field working with business leaders and organizations of all sizes – from start-ups to global organizations – providing expertise around strategy, projects and processes. Additionally, he works closely with a variety of clients to develop and deliver customized workshops and training programs to meet long term strategic needs.

 Marc keynotes and speaks at conferences, forums and corporate and industry events on a variety of topics. He has authored the cutting-edge book “Strategic Project Management Transformation: Delivering Maximum ROI and Sustainable Business Value” and has written a number of white papers and articles on various business and management topics.

 Resch graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, received an MBA from the University of North Carolina and an MS in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology. He is an adjunct professor at Centenary College in New Jersey, teaching in the areas of business strategy, organizational theory and design, and organizational leadership.


Registration and Continental Breakfast: 7:30
Start: 8:30
Working Lunch: ~12:00
End: 4:30 (8 PDUs)


SHI International Corporation
290 Davidson Avenue
Somerset, NJ  08873

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