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PMINJ 2016 Sunday Seminar

Sunday Seminar

01 May 2016

Edison - Pines Manor

The Game of Strategic Project Management! (SPM)

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David Barrett



Projects live and die by the value they create for the organization. The dilemma is that in our turbulent business environment, strategy is ever changing.  Projects that were ideal at launch quickly become of low value, and other projects become better investments.  Yet our project selection and on-going management processes do not take strategic priorities into account.

During this half day session, you’ll be playing The Game of Strategic Project Management. You, along with a team of five to seven other PM’s will be given the resources to fund four projects and take them through a 25-move 4’ x 6’ game board. You will learn and practice the principles of SPM as you use strategic priorities to select and launch projects, deal with resource and funding issues, changes in strategy, etc. with each roll of the dice. ‘The winning team’ will get more ‘strategy points’ across the finish line than the others.

These team based exercises will highlight the importance of employee engagement. Attendees will discover how to establish the strategic value of projects and 'allocate' that value back to the teams and the people completing the project work. Keeping score, participants will realize the impacts of related decisions on project execution and will learn how to use the Balanced Scorecard to manage stakeholder expectations. The lessons you will learn will be immediately applicable to your organizations.

Don’t miss The Game of Strategic Project Management led by Brett Knowles, Achievement Evangelist, Strategic Planning, Portfolio Management and Balanced Scorecard expert. His client results are published in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fortune and countless other business magazines, books and periodicals.

Brett Knowles is a long-time Thought Leader in the strategy planning and execution space. After running KPMG’s ERP practice he ended up doing some of the foundational research on the Balanced Scorecard with Drs, Kaplan and Norton.  Since then he has completed over 3,000 scorecards in virtually every sector and from around the world. Brett and his teams bring a pragmatic “been-there / done-that” approach to his methodologies.  His client work has been published in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fortune and countless other business magazines, books and periodicals.

Brett’s clients talk about his simple, rapid-deployment approach as key to their success, but the deep ownership and understanding his team builds as the reason for the high sustainability.  (Research indicates over 90% of his planning processes are still in use 5 years after they were launched).


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Registration: 12:00
Start: 1:00
Break: 3:00
End: 5:00 (4 PDUs)

Program Number: C020-050116
Program Title: The Game of Strategic Project Management! (SPM)
PDUs: 4
Category Type: A
Activity Sponsor: PMINJ Chapter - C020

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