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PMINJ 2017 November Meeting

14 November 2017 - Morristown - Madison Hotel


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Program Number: C020-20171114
IBMs Watson
Category: A
Activity Sponsor: PMINJ Chapter (C020)
PDUs: - 1.5
Leadership - 0.0
Strategic - 0.0
Technical - 1.5


We live in a data driven world. The amount of data being processed is growing at a phenomenal rate. Businesses are looking for ways to gain more insight from data. Project managers will find that there are growing demands for business decisions to be made from all of this information. Augmented Intelligence, the use of machine learning to aid people in making decisions, is a growing field. This presentation will cover how IBM Watson addresses this new generation of computing in many areas.


  Monthly Speaker

Henry Will

Henry Will is a Deployment Manager in the IBM Watson Cognitive Platform team. He has held many roles: Project Manager (PMP), Patent Inventor, Program Manager, consultant, director, team lead, business analyst, software developer, and public speaker. He has worked in many industries: video games, consumer electronics, medical instrumentation, military avionics, finance, manufacturing, internet voting, mortgage, transportation, communications, insurance, and publishing. He is a volunteer in several organizations and enjoys spending his spare time with family, volunteering, church, building things, writing, experimenting with IoT, and playing musical instruments.

Other Meetings:

Career Networking LCI

Topic: Job Research Jewels - Mining Diamonds!

Is your job research yielding sufficient opportunities for face-to-face meetings with critical contacts and decision-makers? Should you switch industries to enhance your career options? PMINJ colleague Beth Kujan, PhD, PMP, of Tech Stevedore LLC, will share with us NJ-specific information on the fastest growing sectors and those in which the state government is investing the most resources. Beth will also discuss how best to leverage the dialog with New Jersey's mid-size and small businesses.

This is not a "quick fix". This is a way to meet people who can help you move across industry verticals and to learn about companies you didn't know about previously. Bodies in motion stay in motion. Bodies at rest stay at rest. Learn the easiest, cheapest ways to keep in motion. Meanwhile, you'll have interesting facts to share when someone asks you how your job search is going.

Beth Kujan, who earned a BS from M.I.T and MS/PhD from Cornell, has been immersed in entrepreneurial market development and managing bleeding-edge projects for more than ten years. Beth's expertise in coaxing out fascinating, useful data is a skill worth developing in your job search and for other reasons. If you're seeking a new position or career advancement, you need to hear this.


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