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PMINJ 2019 Oct Meeting

15 Oct 2019 - Morristown - Madison


PDP Information

Program Number: C020-20191015
To Consult or Not to Consult
Category: A
Activity Sponsor: PMINJ Chapter (C020)
PDUs: - 1.5
Leadership - 1.0
Strategic - 0.5
Technical - 0.0


 Have you ever considered Consulting? Today’s business reality is that we can all expect to go through job transitions multiple times throughout our careers – and finding that next opportunity requires significant focus and time. Meanwhile, consulting offers the chance to build new skills, stay active and bring in a paycheck. So what should you do?

This session will start by providing insights into what it takes to be a consultant and will explore the pros and cons behind choosing to consult versus remaining a full-time employee.

The learning objectives of this session are to provide practical techniques for:

  •     Introduction to Consulting and as an Independent Contractor
  •     Making the Transition to Consulting
  •     What it takes to be successful as a Consultant


Monthly Speaker

Kathy Bellwoar, the President and Founder of PPT Consulting, has over twenty years of experience within industry and as a partner of a major global consulting firm prior to founding PPT Consulting. A Management and IT consulting firm, PPT specializes in technology and business process solutions using a holistic People, Process and Technology approach. As a recognized female business leader and active member of the Forum for Executive Women, Kathy shares her insights, experience and knowledge through speaking events for ChemPharma Philadelphia, PMI, Beacon, and AWE (Association for Women Entrepreneurs).

Other Meetings:

Life Sciences LCI

Topic: What is Life Sciences Project Management? Perspectives from Industry Experts

By Claudia Campbell-Matland, Life Sciences LCI Chairperson

PMINJ's new Life Sciences LCI filled the room at the inaugural event on October 15th.  The LCI heard Paul B Cook, PhD, PMP of IPM present: "What is Life Sciences Project Management? Perspectives from Industry Experts".

Paul shared experience and details on current industry trends and expectations for life science PMs, engaged the audience for their insights, and provided practical approaches to the various questions that were asked.

The LCI shares its thanks to Paul for a wonderful, engaging event and thanks to the Core Team for organizing the event including: Virgil Yumo - for speaker engagement, Dave Dalessandro - who worked with Virgil for speaker engagement, developed our event marketing and led the core team's social media campaign. The event also included  a presentation of the LCI's Mission & Objectives by Core Team member Corrine Trippetti.

It was a great way to kick off the Life Sciences LCI’s new first program year!


This session will examine the practical application of program and project management in the Life Sciences industry, how the industry adoption has affected productivity, how the practice has evolved in this environment, explore some of the variety of the practice, and identify those parameters that dictate the variety. Participants should leave with a better understanding of the variety of practical applications and some of the challenges.

speakerAbout our speaker: speaker Paul B. Cook, Ph.D. – Director Business Development, Integrated Project Management Co.

Paul is responsible for driving business development in IPM’s Life Sciences business and developing and implementing the business strategy to drive their growth. He serves on their Quality Regulatory and Product Development Centers of Excellence. With a passion for translating science into products and over 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical development, Dr. Cook is a Life Science expert, and has engaged with companies seeking to speed the delivery of products to patients.

He has a PhD from University of California, Berkeley and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He is a frequent speaker at conferences on the subject of project management.

Career Networking LCI

Topic: Open Networking with Guest Recruiter APN Consulting, Inc.

Invest an hour in this Career Networking session and find the ideal position for your career goals.

APN Consulting, Inc., a 17-year old, progressive workforce solutions company, delivers talent solutions and offers Placement Services, SOWs, and Payroll Services, supporting Fortune 1000 corporations in different verticals across the U.S. APN fosters breakthrough innovation for clients via a culture of inclusion with high-performance staff, utilizing best practices, building long-term value for clients. More than 30% of placements are Project Managers and Business Analysts.

A minority owned company with a strong focus on clients in the Northeast, APN serves top-tier firms across industries, generally on strategic, long-term projects, employing rotation within geographic proximity for long term employability. Vedant Pathak, founder and CEO, has a strong interest in the considerable talents of PMINJ members. Visit their website.

Meet the experts from APN Consulting and consider the opportunities they can offer. Be certain to discuss recent contacts with your peers - network and take advantage of open positions that they chose not to pursue - so you can! 

Remember to bring your business cards!


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