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PMINJ 2021 Apr Meeting

20 Apr 2021 - Virtual


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7 Simple Tips for Balancing the Emotional Needs of Your Project Team to Maximize Creativity
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We plan, and the universe laughs. Our ability to be nimble, adapt, and remain creative in the face of uncertainty is paramount in our rapidly changing world. Harvard Business Review tells us that Emotional safety and Cognitive Diversity are two essential traits of the best problem-solving teams. When project managers aren’t fostering this environment, people are more reluctant to change and close themselves to creative solutions. This results in tarnished relationships, trust issues, and ultimately, projects that don’t reach their full potential. How do we introduce a project management style that balances the work with the team’s needs?

Hear from Pinaki Kathiari, CEO and Saylee Bhatte, PMP Project Manager, from digital communications agency Local Wisdom as they unlock the secrets they’ve used for over 20 years to set positive project experiences for their teams. In this human-centered talk, Pinaki and Saylee cut through the jargon and talk about specific mindsets and actions that project managers can take to their teams to create an environment for collaboration and success.

You’ll walk out of this session with:
  • A mindset for you to achieve a positive project team culture
  • Ways to consider and cultivate the various needs of your team
  • Tips for encouraging a creative mood and balancing that with decisive action
  • Getting to a flow where everyone feels good about what they’re creating


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Saylee Bhatte, PMP Project Manager
Saylee Bhatte is a PMP certified Project Manager at Local Wisdom who approaches her craft with authenticity, trust, and enthusiasm for fostering project team dynamics that culminate in successful results and positive team experiences.

With a unique blend of analytical and creative thinking managing technical projects and a master’s degree in Film Studies from NYU, Saylee visualizes her projects as layers created by individual talents that come together to achieve cohesive results.

Saylee’s approach to personal development centers around passion rather than a return on investment. This mindset has allowed her to blend various talents from film and media, marketing and research, health and wellness, and bring these crafts together in new and exciting ways in her work. When she is not happily checking off completed tasks, she enjoys spending time with her son and husband.

Pinaki Kathiari, CEO

Pinaki Kathiari is the CEO of Local Wisdom, a leader in digital communications, an international speaker on communications, and co-founder of Resource Hero.

With this level of expertise, Pinaki has positioned Local Wisdom as the agency that gives clients the headspace to be strategic leaders by taking on the nuts and bolts of their communication strategy. As co-founder of Resource Hero, he has created a 5-star-rated Salesforce app aimed at helping managers forecast their team’s workload into the future to make better data-driven staffing decisions.

At close to two decades of experience working with global Fortune companies, conglomerate interactive agencies, and startups; Pinaki has mastered skills in audience awareness and employee engagement to boost brand reputation, sales, productivity, and quality. As a force in digital culture, Pinaki is very much driven by his ability to harness, mix and remix the collective wisdom in the room to create beautiful things and win-win scenarios.

When he’s not doing all that; Pinaki enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and three children, fitness, being a gamer, listening to audiobooks, and honing his dj’ing skills.

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