PMI New Jersey Chapter
PMINJ 2022 February Agile Discussion Group
Wednesday, 23 Feb - 6:00 - 7:00 PM

Topic: Understand how you can use BART analysis to help uncover organizational problems that could be impacting your Teams

During your work with leaders and teams, have you ever felt:
  • You could have intervened and made a difference, but that the energy of the group just shifted.
  • The group dynamics need to be changed for the team to function, but the Agile approach you may have tried (Patrick Lencioni, Simon Seneks, Daniel Pink, etc.) are too broad or too specific?
In this session Matt will help us understand BART (Boundary, Authority, Role, Task) and how it helped him understand how agile approaches include decision rights that go far into and beyond systems thinking. It helped him discover that 9 out of 10 team issues (work, meet-ups, agile community) could be solved with BART.

BART is part of Group Relations that's been used since the mid 60s.
Boundary - enable your team to examine its own reactions to the containers of time, tasks (rules regarding your PBIs), and territory (turf wars, silos, etc.).
Authority - understand your team’s reaction to authority.
Role - enable your team to strengthen its authority and boundaries through team members understanding theirs and others’ roles.
Task - learn how your team truly reacts to tasks it committed to complete.

Earn 1.0 PDU
Session Codes C020-20220223

   0.0 - Leadership
   0.0 - Strategic
   1.0 - Technical

Also, this program may be eligible for 1 SEU for Scrum Alliance certification holders.



Matt Kirilov currently serves organizations as an Agile Coach, is a polymath in the arena of finding better ways of working and coaching including professional coaching, teaming, systemic coaching, group relations, liberating structures, TPS, Scrum, Open Space, agile games, productizing teams, facilitation, and generative work of tall types.  Matt is a basketball junky and quite possibly the only european who cannot drive stick shift. Native of Bulgaria he lives in Omaha, but has run into Warren Buffet up-close only once.

He has worked at Federal Reserve Bank of NY, Fiserv, Deluxe, and other insurance Fintechs.


Nitin Khanna and Bob Phillips

Nitin  Bob


Bob Phillips, MBA, PMP, PMI-ACP, ICE-AC (ICP-ACC/ATF), CSP (CSM/CSPO), CLP, Scrum@Scale, SA

Both Nitin and Bob are Agile-certified coaches and core Agile LCI enthusiasts.  They each have been speakers at our chapter’s monthly meetings.
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