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PMINJ 2022 June Meeting

Panel Discussion

21 June 2022 - Virtual


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Artificial Intelligence
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After several decades of hype, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are possibly becoming mainstream. So what is really going on today? Is AI really here or more vaporware? Is it ready to replace our project management jobs?

We’ve asked a group of experts: Henry Will, Dr. Paul J Clapis, and Don Shafer, moderated by Michael Millutis, to help us understand where AI is today and how we could use and manage AI projects. They will level set us about basic AI concepts and explore the management challenges of AI projects. The objective is to help you understand the benefits, value, and risks of AI and help prepare us to manage AI projects. Included in this discussion will be examples of how AI is used today, best practices, tools, and resources. This is an opportunity to learn what others are doing and to contribute your experiences.


Monthly Speaker

Michael Milutis is a marketing professional and technology generalist who is committed to human development and continuous learning within a shifting technological landscape.  For the past 25 years, he has worked as a marketing executive for CAI, a global technology services firm with over 6,500 associates and $1B in annual revenue.  He is also the creator of “The Great IT Professional”, a continuous learning platform for IT Project Managers and the first mobile app that provides unlimited PDUs.  Michael is an international keynote speaker and is also host of the “True Tech Insight” podcast, which highlights discussions about new technology with subject matter experts.

PJPaul J Clapis - Known for his informative, highly engaging presentations, Dr. Clapis has delivered over 200 presentations, including keynote speeches, workshops, and webinars across the United States and Europe. He provides invaluable insights into the inner workings of Artificial Intelligence and brings clarity to even the most complex topics. Paul is an engaging and sought-after speaker, trainer, and consultant for companies seeking the latest updates and information about Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Digital Transformation to accelerate their progress and stay a step ahead of the competition.

 donDon Shafer is a founder / director / Technical Fellow of Athens Group Holdings LLC, a Senior Life IEEE member, and an investor and mentor at the entrepreneur’s Capital Factory. As the founding CTO at Athens Group, he developed multiple patents supporting semiconductor test, distributed sensor measurement, Chebyshev polynomials and ML applied to real time drilling control systems. A decades long volunteer for IEEE, he has held EIC, VP and board of Governors positions. At Capital Factory he mentors new entrepreneurs in feasible / appropriate technologies including NFTs, Blockchain, AI/ML and their attendant risk / rewards. He wrote his first real program in Algol in 1967 as an undergraduate at the United States Air Force Academy and built a MITS Altair to complete his graduate work at the University of Denver in 1976. He still writes code, when necessary. He is the coauthor of Quality Software Project Management and developer of the software project management certification program at the University of Texas at Austin.

henryHenry Will - With 10+ patents, PMP, CSM, and SAFe Agilist certifications, Henry brings innovation, leadership, and soft skills to his successful teams. He worked as a computer engineer (in assembly language) on military avionics, video games, consumer electronics, and a veterinary blood analyzer. He has led projects in diverse industries including internet voting, finance, healthcare, insurance, shipping, manufacturing, mortgage processing, and telecom.

Henry recently led initiatives in the IBM Watson group leveraging AI services for external clients and started a PMO for a London based startup doing AI work with a U.S. telecom enterprise. He now leads Artificial Intelligence work on several chatbots for a global firm involved in Human Capital Management and payroll.

Henry enjoys time with family, playing musical instruments, and leading volunteer work at his church and other organizations including an annual meal packaging event with Rise Against Hunger. .He also leads a networking group. You can contact him on twitter at @henrywill or LinkedIn at

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