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PMINJ 2022 Oct Life Sciences LCI

Using "Agfall" ('aj-fall) for Accelerating the Development and Launch of New Products in Life Sciences

27 October - 7:00 to 8:00 pm
Andy Mehrotra
Virtual using Zoom



The core purpose of your role as leader of life science projects, programs, or portfolios is to help your organization achieve its objectives and help teams deliver high-quality outcomes with minimal time, effort, and resources.

Developing and launching new products in life sciences is typically a high-investment, resource-intensive, and multi-year undertaking. The journey of every product is filled with competing priorities and evolving uncertainties of clinical data, market conditions, and regulatory directions.

Life science programs require that PMs create strategic plans for critical activities and deliverables right from the start. However, PMs do not have to detail tasks for completing deliverables in the beginning. So that as new information becomes available, teams can reprioritize deliverables and adapt their execution.

Agile and Waterfall are methodologies for achieving desired outcomes, each with its virtues and drawbacks. While powerful in their own right, together, they can endow you with PM superpowers, especially in life sciences.

Join us to learn about "Agfall" ('aj-fall) — the practical approach for harnessing the powers of Agile and Waterfall together. Andy will walk his talk about Agfall and show you how to put theory to practice.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of the hour, you will walk away with hands-on knowledge about:
  • How can long-term strategic Waterfall program plans inform the tactical Agile sprint plans?
  • How can the "Done" deliverables in Agile, in turn, inform Gantt charts and Timelines in Waterfall?
  • How can communication and collaboration among leaders and teams remain seamless throughout?

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Speaker Andy Mehrotra is a pharmacist by training and pharma marketer by profession. Andy dived into the world of projects when Abbott needed leadership for their portfolio of multi-indication global launch programs for their flagship product, Humira. Andy attributes his onward journey to CEO to focused and deliberate skill development for gaining the experience and expertise needed to lead an organization.

Andy Mehrotra is the CEO of Unipr and holds an MBA from AGSM in UNSW, Australia, and a Masters of Health, Sciences, and Technology from MIT and Harvard Medical School.

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