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PMINJ 2022 Dec Book Club

Book Club: Think Again by Adam Grant

08 December - 7:00 to 8:00 pm
Virtual using Zoom


Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist at The Wharton School, where he has been recognized as a top-rated professor for seven straight years. Grant’s books have sold millions of copies, his TED talks have been viewed over 25 million times, and his podcast, WorkLife with Adam Grant, has topped the charts.

What does Adam Grant have to say that is so compelling? It’s all about re-thinking one’s opinions, political proclivities, position on vaccines, you name it! Grant reminds us that being smart has its drawbacks; the “smart” person may be less likely to reconsider or change his opinion. He proposes the idea that perhaps the imposter syndrome can have positive consequences such as motivating us to persevere and work smarter, thus making us better learners because we open ourselves to learning from others. “If knowledge is power, knowing what we don’t know is wisdom.”

Grant suggests we approach a debate like a dance rather than a confrontation. By asking questions and acknowledging valid points, we can make great strides in negotiations and debates. In the work environment, this can translate to creating a culture of learning built on a foundation of psychological safety.

In a light-hearted manner, Grant presents thoughts that are worthy of consideration and offer practical takeaways to use in our personal and work lives. Join the discussion. You'll be happy you did!
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