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PMINJ 2023 Jan Networking LCI

Selling Yourself and Influencing Others

24 January - 7:00 to 8:00 pm
Joey Himelfarb
Virtual using Zoom



Aristotle believed that one of the most important skills we could have was the ability to influence others.

Have you ever had to convince your colleagues, department heads, or company executives to try a different tactic in acquiring new business? Ever tried to get your customers to buy your stuff? Ever tried to get your kids to behave a certain way? Ever go on a job interview? Winning in business and at life comes from selling yourself and influencing others successfully.

Join us for a thought-provoking, highly interactive, and entertaining program that will demystify your views of selling and help you to better sell yourself. You will:
  • Discover how you can apply selling theories and techniques to help you land whatever business, customer, or job you desire. (Hint: no rocket science is involved, but Rocket Scientists can surely benefit.)
  • Hear new ideas about old sales strategies that focus your attention on getting your employees, your family and friends, or even hiring managers, to consider you and your point of view. (Make them wonder how they ever got along without you.)
  • Learn how to put a different spin on what you are doing you can distinguish yourself from your competition, personal or you can bolster your you can improve your chances of getting employed and getting what you want. (Make the people you talk to feel glad they met you.)

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  • $5.00 - Non-members (no refund)
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Speaker Joey Himelfarb has been selling, training, and serving clients for over 25 years. He recently published his first book entitled, Don’t Paint Your Kitchen: How to Sell Yourself & Get the Job You Want.

He studied physics and mechanical engineering and began his career working on the installation of transoceanic fiber optic telecommunications cables around the world. He was chosen to teach his colleagues and clients the fundamentals of fiber optic technology. Since then, he has worked across a range of industries including automotive, home improvement, and training and education.

Whether it’s with multi-million dollar Fortune 100 companies around the world, or consumer products in a homeowner’s backyard, Joey enjoys helping his clients get from where they are to where they want to be.

He uses his problem-solving techniques to help professionals at all levels maintain a positive attitude and an optimistic approach to work and life.

Joey's passion is being on stage and encouraging people to maintain positive mental attitudes. His contention is that we sell every day and being negative serves no function. To that end, and on a regular basis, Joey leads discussions and facilitates seminars designed for job seekers, career changers, small business owners, and people struggling with substance abuse and addiction. Additional audiences include youth groups such as the Girl Scouts and teenage chapters of the YMCA.

Most people who have participated in these seminars have learned new tactics for selling themselves and maintaining positive mental attitudes in their professional and personal lives. Some attendees have actually seen and heard a unique similarity in Joey's presentation style with a famous comedian who has had success hosting several Oscar Award Ceremonies.

Joey’s presentations are always thought-provoking and entertaining. Invariably, several attendees lament how quickly the time flies. In addition, they wish they could spend more time learning from this upbeat, positive, and enthusiastic speaker and author.

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