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Multi-team collaboration in software development

26 Apr - 5:45 to 7:00 pm
Michael James
Virtual using Zoom

1 SEU for Scrum Alliance


Most software products and services are bigger than the work of a single Scrum team. Organizations have tried a variety of structures and techniques to tackle this. But they usually run into the same problems that plague waterfall software development. The future will require knowledge creation workers to learn and adapt faster than any of us could have conceived a few years ago. In this session we will explore common fallacies about multi-team software development that lead us astray and explain some concrete techniques that have proved useful.

Based on survey feedback from our last session (Inspect and Adapt) we will ensure that there is more time for questions and discussion throughout the presentation. We plan to formally end the presentation and discussion at 7PM but Bob and Nitin will stay on-line till 7:15PM for any additional questions.


  • 5:45 PM - Networking
  • 6:00 PM - Presentation; Q&A  (Recorded)
  • 7:00 PM - Extended, open discussion
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Speaker Michael James (MJ) was selected as a Scrum Trainer in 2006 by one of Scrum's original proponents, Ken Schwaber. MJ has helped countless organizations in many countries, created the world's most popular online learning resource for Scrum, the most successful illustrated distillation of Scrum's definition, and the Scrum Master Checklist referenced in books by half a dozen other Agile authors.

MJ is a software process mentor, team coach, and Scrum trainer with skills in Product Ownership (business), Scrum Mastery (facilitation), and the development team engineering practices (TDD, refactoring, continuous integration, pair programming) that allow Scrum to work. MJ has been involved with LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) longer than anyone else on the US West Coast. He is a recovering "software architect" with programming experience back to the late 1970s, and including control systems for aircraft and spacecraft. If you have been an airline passenger, you have probably already benefited from MJ's software.

Volunteers have found MJ's work useful enough to translate into Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, Polish, French, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Korean, Vietnamese, Czech, Hebrew, Latvian, Serbian, and Turkish.

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