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PMINJ 2023 Jun Monthly Program

Finding Your Place in the New, Digital World

27 Jun - 7:00 to 9:00 pm
Michael Milutis
In-person at the Whippany Ukrianian Cultural Center & Virtual using Zoom

  • This is a LIVE event at the Whippany Ukrianian Cultural Center.
  • This is NOT a dinner meeting. We will provide non-alcoholic drinks, light snacks and time for Networking. Charges for a dinner meeting would be more than double the current attendee fee.
  • Registration at the UCC will open at 6:30 pm.
  • A bar is available on-site.


Artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, big data and analytics, machine learning, internet of things, 5G, blockchain, genetic engineering, quantum computing…. All of these tech trends (and more) are not just accelerating exponentially, they are compounding upon each other in innovative, synergistic ways that very few of us can anticipate or comprehend.

How will this revolution in technology impact your role as a project manager, or the even nature of work itself? How can you continue to navigate a career path - or even a learning strategy - in such a fast moving and uncertain landscape?

This talk will provide simple strategies and heuristics for project managers to answer these questions while also providing a tutorial on each of the major new technologies (and their applications) that are transforming our world and the projects of the future.


Speaker Michael Milutis is an international keynote speaker and 25 year veteran of the IT industry who has dedicated his career to helping individuals learn, develop, and compete within a shifting technology landscape.

He has worked with organizations from around the world to develop innovative learning cultures and he coaches individuals and teams so that they can develop continuously, grow personally, and realize their highest potential.

Michael speaks around the world and his dynamic and entertaining discussions focus on futurism and future proofing, human self-actualization in the workplace, and the social, economic, and technological disruptions emanating from the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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