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PMINJ 2023 Symposium

Today's Disruptions, Tomorrow's Skills

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"Today’s Disruptions – Tomorrow’s Skills"

What doesn’t defeat you today will only make you stronger – so get the jump on the challenges of tomorrow by leveraging the knowledge learned during our Seminar and Symposium events!

Sunday Seminar - April 30

"Emotional Influence for Managing Hybrid Teams"

Speaker Alan Mallory returns to us after having keynoted our 2018 Symposium to overwhelming success. As a climber who has scaled Mount Everest – he has relied on that accomplishment to “take on even larger tasks.”

Alan’s workshop will focus on our innate human ability to identify, manage and purposefully express our emotions - using introspection to understand, influence and respond properly to the emotions of others, embracing new ways of making connections and leaving an impact through our interactions.

Learn Alan’s life philosophy - to abandon the reactive mindset and embrace a more professional, proactive style of living - your personal life and career will thank you for it!

Symposium - May 1

With a newly-designed, simpler agenda for 2023 – we have increased our roster to eight speakers and aligned them into a single-track format!

Morning Session

”How to Handle Technical Disruption with Self-originality”

As Co-Author of the Agile Manifesto, Arie van Bennekum will discuss the increasing pace of technical change and how to navigate it.

Lunchtime Session

”The Value that PRINCE2 can bring Experienced & Qualified Project Managers”

John Edmonds is the Senior PPM Architect at PeopleCert and a member of the 2009 authoring team and a 2017 reviewer of the globally recognized PRINCE2 project management method. Join him as he explains how PRINCE2 positions itself as a complement to the PMBOK.

Closing Session

”Powering the Future of Work Through Projects.”

Sarina Arcari of the PMI Board of Directors will share her insights on the global trends impacting how work gets done - and the role that the PMI community is playing to prepare both individuals and their organizations to thrive in the “Project Economy.”

Plus ...
Five additional experts in…
  • Community Planning
  • Cybersecurity & Criminal Targeting
  • Blockchain
  • Agile
  • Data-driven Decision-making
Are brought together to motivate and inspire you to roll the uncertainties of now into the techniques of tomorrow!

Treat yourself to a day of professional development, Q&A, learning and socializing with speakers and peers - all from the comfort of your computer.

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