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Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Human Factors

Lee Lambert
18 Jun - 7:00 to 9:00 PM
Pines opens: 5:30 pm
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  • This is a HYBRID event. The LIVE session will be held at the Pines in Edison.
  • We are providing DINNER, non-alcoholic drinks, and time for Networking.
  • Doors at the Pines will open at 5:30 pm.
  • Participation VIRTUALLY is also available. A separate registration is available and you will receive the Zoom link in the receipt confirmation.

The appearance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to have a significant positive impact on the project management profession and those who call themselves Project Management Professionals. However, as with most new PM tools, the good has some bad that needs to be understood and adjustments made to assure proper attention is given to the most applicable use of AI by PEOPLE.

This presentation will examine some of the most valuable / beneficial characteristics of AI and the awareness and understanding by the “user group” that is necessary to reap the rewards that are possible with the appropriate implementation and utilization of AI. AI makes it easy to consider alternatives rather than repeating the same approach and getting the same disappointing answers.

Albert (Einstein) is often (mis)attributed for the saying: “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. AI will enable the user to consider potential risk exposure based on past events and allow consideration of what (if any) risk handling techniques will be most effective. AI has myriad uses and Lee R. Lambert will examine many of the most useful while sharing the cautions that must be considered! Lee will illude to his experience gained during over five decades of experience in the PM profession and how it relates to the “new” – not really – phenomenon called AI.


Speaker Lee R. Lambert, CEO, PMP, PMI Fellow, is considered throughout the world as one of the project management profession’s thought leaders. He has been spreading the PM word for over 50 years and was one of the Founders of the PMP. Lee has been recognized by the Project Management Institute as one of only 70 PMI Fellows. He brings a “real world” message to those hoping to excel in their role of managing projects. His unique and humorous style creates an enjoyable and productive learning environment.

Lambert has implemented four enterprise-wide project management information systems and his work in developing High Performance Teams has been judged a miracle. He has prepared and delivered user training to thousands of employees at AT&T, IBM, General Electric, MicroSoft, Roche and countless others. His value-add consulting and training has been instrumental in creating successful PMOs to drive rapid implementation. He has provided “public” training programs for more than 50,000 professionals in 23 countries. Lee loves sharing his experience and knowledge.

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