PMI New Jersey Chapter
PMINJ 1997 Symposium

11th Annual Symposium

12 May 1997

Newark - Airport Marriott

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A fantastic success:
The PMI/NJ Regional Symposium held on May 12, 1997 at the Newark Airport Marriott was a tremendous success. This years attendance including attendees, vendors, speakers, and helpers was 287, an all time high, with representation from New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The attendees were treated to an outstanding agenda of speakers and vendor displays / presentations.

Mary Devon O'Brien, the NJ Chapter President, provided an inspiring introduction to the festive activities for the day.

Stacy Miltiades and her team presented 6 speakers who provided keys to effective project management in the following topics:

Dr. Bud Baker Project Politics
Martha Geaney Core Competencies for Project Managers
Carol Grimes PM Stands for People Motivator
Joseph Guella Communication Techniques for the Global Project Manager
Lee Peters Negotiation Skills for the Project Manager
The Master's Touch in Project Success
Neal Whitton Attributes of the Indesposable Project Manager (Part 1 & 2)
Bill Ruggles, our New Jersey native PMI International President, was a special luncheon speaker who provided some great insight into the changes at PMI headquarters.

Everyone enjoyed visiting the 14 vendors (another record) arranged by Nancy Saunders and her team. Four of the vendors provided presentations on best practices, PM IQ, elements of success and a demo. The vendors capped the day with a raffle with prizes which delighted the crowd. Our tanks to these vendors:


Project Workbench
John Poruchynsky

AGS Management Systems
Constell Group, Inc.
'96 Olympic Yearbook
Don Hansen &
Martin Gall

Coopers & Lybrand
Business Process
Redesign Book
Shaheen Golcnze,
Nancy Bond, &
Vincent Falzone
Dekker LTD.
Gail Jang

ICS Group
Team Leader Workshop
Nancy Bond,
RosAnaa Bulloch, &
Aita Salasoo
also ICS
Project Process Workshop
Nina Hilyard

International Institute for Learning
Ted Symanski

LBMS GUI Guidelines
Fabienne vonDenhoff

PMI BookStore
John Poruchynski

Robert Andrew Associates
Suretrak PM
Natalie Augustin,
John Vellaridito, &
Nadia Wyuka

PS 7
Theresa Lizzio
Stevens Institute
Ted Symanski &
Ed Kosenski

Windows Support Group
Bruce Hess

Materials from the Vendors and Speakers were presented in a Proceedings document arranged by Kim Hinton's team. There are several binders available for purchase at $25.00. Please contact Kim at 973-699-6454, or e-mail.

Mike Ahern (you should all recognize his name), and his team did an outstanding job registering the 251 plus attendees and providing the name tags, certificates, assistance and gifts for all (a business card holder and pen with the methods to communicate with the chapter).

Bob Burnett's (with Annette Quick-Depasquale taking the responsibilities for Bob who is out of the country) team provided the evaluation forms and will be tabulating the results to provide the insights to improve the symposium for next year.

Early in the planning of the symposium, Ron Levenberg's team provided the guidance for the theme and then the advertising materials for the flyers and postcards which were sent to the members and the newspapers. This year we mailed information to the surrounding 5 regional chapters (New Jersey, New York City, Hudson Valley, Delaware Valley, and the Keystone chapters), another first.

The ad information was used by Debbie Cocoziello to arrange a paid ad in the Forbes newspapers (another first). Her material was also provided to the calendar sections of the local papers. Maybe next year we'll get coverage in the PM/NET magazine.

Finally, the activities of the day were made enjoyable by the work of Angela Thomas and her team to assure that the Marriott had every detail complete to satisfy the needs of the attendees. No one should have gone away hungry.

Also as part of this report, enjoy the pictures taken by Mike Hall and Monica Connover-Tehollico. Hopefully you will see someone you know and will be in the picture yourself next year.

We are already planning for next year's event. The 1998 Regional Symposium will be held on May 18, 1998. The planning team will investigate expanding next year's activities to two days to include the presentation of papers by members with the speaker vendor agenda for the next day. We are reviewing the evaluations to assure that this format will satisfy the needs of the members. An alternate possibility will have a third track during a single day for the presentation of papers. What are your thoughts?  Send comments to John Bufe (Symposium Project Manager).

Communication within the Chapter is key. First we want to listen to your insights and concerns. You can come to the monthly meetings and speak to the board members in person. Secondly, we want to keep you informed about the activities of the chapter. The web-site will be updated with the most current list of activities for your participation and benefit. 

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