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March 2017

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Welcome Address

Lisa Blake
Vice President – Programs

Despite the winds and bitterly cold temperatures of early March, the calendars says Spring is just days away, and a new season of growth will soon be here. What are your plans?

As Vice President – Programs, I share the Chapter’s commitment to professional growth for our members as a year-round priority. Thanks to the energy and dedication of a group of over 90 volunteers, the Programs team develops and delivers nine monthly meetings, plus workshops, and other special activities, such as Breakfast Meetings and Meet the Board Members events.

Monthly Programs meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month from September through November and January through June. The Chapter dinner meetings are held at a Main Location, with venues alternating among North, Central and South locations. At the Main location, members can attend pre-dinner sessions led by the Career Networking, Agile, or PMO Local Communities of Interest (LCIs), or meet Board members for wide-ranging discussions on how the Chapter can best serve members’ needs. After dinner, a speaker delivers a presentation on a timely project management topic, with Q&A and the opportunity for attendees to earn 1.5 PDUs, aligned to the PMI talent triangle.

To make monthly Programs meetings accessible to as many members as possible, PMINJ partners with corporations, universities, and public locations who provide satellite locations where Chapter members can attend via webcast. Volunteer satellite leaders organize logistics, registration, and pre-meeting networking activities for the remote locations, and Chapter President Judy Balaban attends meetings from a different satellite each month.

The Programs team also organizes half-day and full-day workshops on a variety of project management topics throughout the year, and Breakfast with a Board member events during the summer months.

A new offering this Programs year are Breakfast Meetings. Thanks to the efforts of Special Projects PM Johanna Hoyos and the hospitality of firms such as RGP and GSK, these meetings provide another opportunity for Chapter members to earn PDUs and network, while enjoying coffee and light breakfast and attending a speaker presentation or a pre-recorded PMI webcast.

The Programs Team’s activities are just one of the many aspects of PMINJs commitment to our members’ growth and development. 

On April 7th, Chapter members will have a unique opportunity to attend the PMINJ Career Fair, being held at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Whippany, New Jersey, from 10:00 to 4:00 p.m.  Designed to support PMINJ Chapter members’ professional success, whether in transition or considering taking the next step in their career, the day will feature speakers, a panel discussion, career search resources, and speed-networking activities.

PMINJ is off to a great start in 2017, and we want you, our members, to enjoy all the Chapter has to offer. For more details on Chapter Activities, be sure to check the Chapter website, and follow us on LinkedIn , Facebook and Twitter, and make PMINJ a part of your plans for personal and professional growth!

Chapter Announcements

Suzanne Walsh
Suzanne Walsh - Named 2016 Barbara Ann Fuller Volunteer of the Year
Prepared By Pamela Eden Dulaff

Suzanne has been a committed volunteer with PMINJ for more than 10 years. Despite juggling serious family obligations over the years, Suzanne has organized the Registration team's processes and procedures so well that the team work looks effortless. Though the responsibility is a large one, Suzanne's team does not fail — registration runs smoothly.

Any issues that arise are handled seamlessly by the registration team, you would never know there was ever an issue.

Suzanne is always ready to give input and regularly makes herself available to the Symposium Team. Susan is depended on to review materials and offer solid / sage / knowledgeable feedback on Symposium issues. Suzanne’s demeanor also makes her very easy to work with.

Join us in thanking Suzanne for her standout volunteerism.

See past Volunteer Recognition.





Event Reports

Future City

Future City

ITMPIPMINJ returns to Future City NJ regional competition for third straight year
By Michael Vitale

On Saturday, Jan. 14, several PMINJ members spent the day at the Future City competition held at Rutgers University's Livingston Campus in Piscataway Township. The Future City Competition is a national, project-based learning experience where students in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades imagine, design, and build cities of the future. Students work as a team with an educator and engineer mentor to plan cities, build tabletop scale models and present their ideas to a panel of judges.

The PMINJ team presented An Introduction to Project Management to over 200 students from across New Jersey. During five different training sessions the students and educators discussed the benefits of project management techniques and other important life skills.

Students also had the chance to meet with the PMINJ team onsite at several Meet the Professionals sessions held throughout the day. While the students learned about what it means to work as a Project Manager, the PMINJ staff learned the science behind this year's competition.

A special thanks to all PMINJ members who attended and presented, including Chapter President Judy Balaban, John Bufe, Dennis McCarthy, Ella Blue, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Ed Kanczewski and Michael Vitale.

Reprinted with Permission of José Roberto Cavalcante Alves, MBA,PMP

PM Articles

What It Takes to Succeed as Head of PMO – Creating a PMO, Continued

PMO – What should it provide?
When I oversee or create PMO I align it with the organizations’ vision and strategic goals. I maintain a portfolio of active projects and ensure visibility across the organization. I conduct regular executive and stakeholder meetings and provide status updates that include dashboards at portfolio, program and project levels with standard key performance indicators (KPIs). I have request assessments and approval processes set in place, which are based on ROI, risk, and regulatory compliance, providing cataloging and tracking project requests at a centralized location.

I use a set of standard criteria, weighted measurements to keep executive management focused on assigning project priorities based on total value to be delivered to stakeholders.

I provide a standardized process that includes input from all segments of the business that employs both qualitative and quantitative analysis to the prioritization and sequencing of projects.

I have my team continually evaluate project-related documents (i.e., charters, project plans, communication plans, status reports, etc).

I develop and oversee maintenance of a library of repeatable processes, policies, templates and appropriate checkpoints throughout the whole process to ensure quality. Continuously improving them by looking at organization’s current situation as well as lessons learned that are captured over time.
I make sure I have experienced and trained Project Managers who are experienced in developing robust plans that focus on delivering value. Who can oversee detailed timelines and establish milestones that are achievable. Oversee annual budgeting, forecasting and monthly actuals tracking.

I make sure that my Project Managers measure success of a project by its adherence to the scope, schedule, budget, quality and whether or not it delivers the expected benefits. They should also gather and report on project progress, issues and changes, review lessons learned, conduct post implementation audits, evaluations with surveys, checklists, etc.

I asked PMO leaders what advice would they give to folks who want to build PMO? Here is one response:
You should create a project for building a PMO. Develop a schedule, prepare a budget, assign resources, etc. The milestones for the first 30 days, 90 days, and 180 days is important, as you need to get some quick wins and demonstrate the PMO is providing value.

Building a PMO is like creating a start-up business. It is a lot of hard work and the failure rate is high. A PMO needs to adapt to the needs of the organization and remain relevant. One of the best things you can do is align the projects being managed and/or reported on by the PMO to the strategic plan. Kristopher Sprague, MBA, PgMP, PMP, PMI-RMP, CSSBB, DTM, Site Director – Strategy, PMO and Operational Excellence, Bristol-Myers Squibb

For previous article in this series see January issue.

If you have a suggestion for a future topic or want to share your own success stories, then contact Igor at .

To learn more about Igor check out his LinkedIn Profile

New Certificate Holders

new Certificate Holders
The following have received their certifications since the last newsletter (through 28 February 2017):
Bhumi Afzal
Alexandra Altieri
Andrew Baker
Richard Becker
Daniel Bogdan
Bernard Brennan
Gurmeetsingh Budhraja
Ross Caldwell
Paula Carpenter
Ramaprasanth Chatti
Erik Chuss
Denise Copeland
Joseph Debari
Urvi Desai
Nancy Donhauser
Snigdha Garg
Horane Henry
Marilyn Jacobs
Tom Januski
Akim Kargbo
Elizabeth Kujan
Norine Lam
Michelle Laverty
Stefanie Lee
Janine Lewandowski
Manjusha Limaye
Malini Maysuria
Aisha Mims
Greg Misale
Joseph Morcos
Jeffrey Moskowitz
Terry North
Oluwatosin Ogun
Francis Oshaughnessy
Mihaela Popovici
James Ransom
Leonard Rizzo
June Rogers
Darshan Shah
Andrew Shalhoub
Devraj Singha

Theresa Cassidy
Olumuyiwa Fagbami
Stacy Holk
Whitney Johnson
Pamela Naprstek
Paul White,P.E.



Michael Curry
Robert Jackson
Roosevelt Jefferson,III
Carol Keilp-Tobin
Paul Schaefer
Mital Vora

Manjusha Limaye



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