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2020 - Atlantic City Electric - Salem-Woodstown Transmission Line Rebuild


Project Managers - Dan Loveland and John Travaglini
The Salem-Woodstown 69kV Electric Transmission Line was originally constructed in the 1930's. Due to age and condition and in an effort to maintain reliability to customers in the region, the circuit was identified for full rebuild.

The $30 million electric transmission project required three years of planning, detailed engineering, property rights acquisition, environmental permitting, material procurement and community outreach, prior to the start of construction. Construction of the 10.9 mile transmission line rebuild project was completed in seven months and completed 11 calendar days ahead of schedule. The project team overcame multiple project challenges and complexities with a high level of stakeholder engagement to achieve overall project success.

Deliverables included installation of 236 weathered steel poles, 173,000 LF of 3-phase 795 ACSR conductor and 58,000 LF of 48-count Optical ground wire (OPGW). In addition, approximately 20 wood poles were constructed to serve as interspaced distribution poles. Retirements included 333 existing wood transmission poles, 170,000 LF of 3-phase 477AA and 1/0 copper transmission conductor and 1,426 LF of 1-phase 16M shield wire. OPGW installation provided an additional communication network path for relay and data communications.

The electric transmission line capacity rating was upgraded from approximately 300 amps to 1200 amps as a result of the project. The project provides for overall transmission reliability improvements and helped to maintain the relationship with a key industrial customer.

The dedication and diligent efforts by the project team served as an excellent example of successful implementation of project management practices to deliver a $30 million capital improvement project and a strong commitment to Atlantic City Electric's customer base.

2019 - PSE&G - Gas System Modernization Program


Project Managers - Nicholas Tseng and Renee Veneziano
Congratulations to the Public Service Electric (PSE&G) team for earning the Project Management Institute – New Jersey Chapter (PMINJ) "2019 Project of the Year" Recognition Award for the "Gas System Modernization" Program. PMINJ is grateful to PSE&G for sharing their success story with the project management community and we are looking forward to hearing more during the 2019 PMINJ International Project Management Day on November 7, 2019.

The "Gas System Modernization Program" will highlight the strategy, the process and execution used to modernize and replace old cast iron and unprotected steel gas mains with new plastic gas pipe throughout the PSE&G territory. The work touched 11 counties, over 155 townships, over 2,800 streets, and over 26,500 customers. It sparked economic grow mx-2 th by creating an estimated 500 new jobs, including the economic simulation associated with the construction work itself.

This project - part of the U.S. Department of Energy initiative to accelerate the replacement of aging infrastructure, addresses a variety of project elements such as
  • previous Gas Main Replacement projects
  • leadership
  • creation of a new Gas Construction Group and a Project Management Office (PMO)
  • formalizing the project management process
  • challenges / lessons learned
  • other project management elements

2019 - Honorable Mention - Atlantic Health System - Epic Transformation Project

AHS Team

The PMINJ Chapter is proud to award the 2019 Honorable Mention Project of the Year to Atlantic Health System for their "Epic Transformation Project".  The objective of the "Epic Transformation Project" was to implement a new Epic Electronic Medical Records System.

This transformation project - one patient, one record, one Atlantic Health System - propelled Atlantic Health System into a new era of patient care by providing innovation, staff collaboration and an enhanced patient experience allowing patients' the ability to access their health care information and take control of their care.  

Below are some statistics to show the size and scope of this project:
  • 174,000 MyChart Users (Patients)
  • 18,400 User Trained (Staff and Physicians) some in multiple classes
  • 600+ Subject Matter Experts
  • 142 individual applications replaced
  • 100+ At the Elbow Contracted Support Specialists for each Go Live Event
Atlantic Health System headquartered in Morristown, NJ, is one of the leading non-profit health care systems in NJ and committed to creating a Trusted Network of Caring®.  Atlantic Health System facilities and sites of care include 6 hospital locations, Atlantic Rehabilitation, and Home Care & Hospice.  AHS also has more than 900 community-based healthcare providers affiliated through Atlantic Medical Group.

2018 --- Hackensack University Medical Center-Department of Clinical and Patient Care Services


Congratulations to the Hackensack University Medical Center-Department of Clinical and Patient Care Services (a member of a 16 hospital network) on being awarded the prestigious Project Management Institute-New Jersey Chapter "2018 Project of the Year" award for the "Executive Strategic Initiatives Portfolio" project. 

This is certainly a well-deserved award in recognition of the exceptional leadership by Dianne Aroh, Executive Vice President, Chief Clinical and Patient Care Office, and the entire project management team lead by Ms. Rheya Boykins Munroe and Ms. Andrea Peine-Ardila.

The Department of Clinical and Patient Care Services did not have a formal way of documenting projects or communication methods, capturing project budgets and allocating resources.  Through teamwork and dedication, the project team implemented a Strategic Initiatives Portfolio project aligning project management to their organizational goals, while maintaining high-quality patient care and meeting the daily challenges of a large hospital network. The team coordinated with multiple teams across 18 service lines and 350+ existing and proposed initiatives. The existing project work involved 18 directors and over 2,500 team members.

PMINJ joins your colleagues and the many people who contributed to the success of the "Executive Strategic Initiatives Portfolio" project in the advancement of project management at Hackensack University Medical Center - a job well done.

2018 - Honorable Mention --- T&M Associates



Team Leads from top-left: Stephen Olson, Michael Regan, Joseph Martin, Kristopher Krzyston, David Jacobs, Richard Moralle, Charles Hopkins, M. Elaine Dasti, Michael Thomas, Thomas P. Catapano, Thomas Neff

The Project Management Institute-New Jersey Chapter would like to sincerely congratulate T&M Associates for winning the 2018 Project of the Year – Honorable Mention category. The Fort Monmouth Myer Center Abatement, Demolition & Site Improvement Design project was a large undertaking with the potential to cause major impacts to the surrounding community, if not managed correctly.

Fort Monmouth located in New Jersey officially closed its doors as a U.S. Army installation in September 2011. With multiple buildings and structures considered obsolete and still remaining on a 38-acre tract known as the F1 Parcel – this has been a significant impediment to its sale and the revitalization and integration of Fort Monmouth with its surrounding communities.

T&M Associates successfully delivered project construction documents, meeting a critical client deadline within the approved budget, as well as all necessary Regulatory Agency approvals and permits all in preparation for future site development.

2016 --- Port Authority Agency Operations Center Program

Team Leads: Ted Bobowsky and Stephanie Dawson

2016 - Honorable Mention --- Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer – Collabratec Program

Team Leads: Terri Ciccodicola and Brian Pratz

2016 - Honorable Mention --- MTA Capital Construction Team – No. 7 Subway Line Extension Program

Team Leads: Mark Schiffman, Ihab (Bobby) Shafei and Saibal Basuroy

2015 --- The New Jersey Turnpike Authority - Garden State Parkway Widening – Phase 2 Program

Louis Vazquez, Peter T. Kuhne, P.E., PMP (Atkins), Malini Swaminathan (Atkins) and Lamis T. Malak, P.E.(NJTA)

The Project of the Year Award winner: the New Jersey Turnpike Authority - Garden State Parkway Widening – Phase 2 Program.

Honorable Mention was awarded to Montclair State University for its successful September 2014 launch of the Canvas Learning Management System

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority Project Team presentation was led by Program Managers Ms. Lamis T. Malak, P.E.(NJTA), Mr. Peter T. Kuhne, P.E., PMP (Atkins) and Ms. Malini Swaminathan (Atkins). They discussed a variety of elements of this complex program, the challenges the team had to overcome, and the key ingredients that led to its success. Program scope included: design and construction of a third lane to the northbound and southbound Parkway, widening the shoulders, main line and local road bridge widening and replacement, existing drainage system replacement, and safety improvements such as roadway lighting, guide sign replacement, storm water management basins maintenance, and relocation of utilities. Major bridge crossings at the Mullica River, Bass River, and Patcong Creek were also rehabilitated and widened.

The multi-million dollar program required the coordinated efforts of more than 1,000 professionals over a six-year period to develop the design and construct the improvements and included members from: NJ Turnpike Authority, Atkins North America, Jacobs Construction, as well as seven engineering and seven construction firms. Successful program results include: increased efficiency in maintenance and operations, reduced traffic congestion, improved motorist safety, and further enhancements to the Garden State Parkway as an emergency evacuation route.

2014 --- Atlantic Health Systems / Chlinton Integration Project

The project's objective was to support the merger of Chilton Hospital into Atlantic Health System and was led with extraordinary professionalism and great success by project managers Danielle Meglaughlin and Jennifer Scatcherd.

The project involved implementing technical solutions to support the business requirements in the following areas:
  • Human Resources
  • Finance Accounting / Financial Services / Payroll / Business Advisory Services
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Laboratory
  • Medical Staff Office
Implementing technical infrastructure that will establish secure network connectivity between Chilton Hospital and Atlantic Health System:
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Email integration
  • Domain Integration
  • Information Security
  • Desktop Management
  • Service Desk Support
  • Telecommunications
The success of this project has positioned Chilton as part of Atlantic Health System to build upon a history of successful collaboration. This includes clinical affiliations in obstetrics, cardiology and other specialties. It also ensures that both institutions remain at the forefront of medicine and technology.

The decision to merge demonstrates ongoing efforts by AHS to expand its nationally recognized programs and services into more communities throughout the region. It also assures that Chilton will continue to serve as a licensed, acute care facility, expand its program offerings and provide Chilton patients easier access to world class care in the comforting arms of their community hospital.

Key members of the Chilton Hospital IT Integration Project team include: Mark Lederman, Vice President & Chief Information Officer; Eileen Tarnacki, Manager, Project Management Office; Danielle Meglaughlin, Project Manager; Jennifer Scatcherd, Project Manager.

2013 --- Solix's Design and Implementation of the Connect2Compete Program (C2C)

Picture from NJBIZ

Project Team - Janice Molloy, General Manager Project Management. Also joining are Rick DiLollo, Director - Project Management; Mark Ashnault, Senior Director - Application Architecture; Ray Rojas, Director - Network Support; Landon Swaim, Manager- Operations; Abhishek Sinha, Lead Architect; Amanda Severson, Call Center Supervisor, Stuart Waldrum, Senior Vice President & CIO; Eric Seguin, Vice President of Corporate Development and Government Programs. Client – Sonja Murray, Executive Vice President Connect2Compete.

Solix's design and implementation of the Connect2Compete Program (C2C) is the winner of this year's PMINJ Project of the Year. As a leading provider of eligibility determination, program management and customer care services, this project and partnership was an ideal fit for Solix. Connect2Compete, championed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), is a national nonprofit organization connecting leaders from communities, the private sector, and leading foundations.

C2C has a primary goal of helping ensure future generations of Americans can compete in the global economy by accessing technology through three offers: free digital literacy training, discounted high-speed Internet, and low-cost computers. C2C was created as a public, private partnership focused on making broadband available to parents of children in the National Free School Lunch Program as one third of all Americans, 100 million people, have not adopted broadband at home.

The challenge for Solix was to take an unknown program from idea to implementation, using a proven disciplined project management approach to enable this broad based goal.

C2C required Solix to develop multiple systems and processes to allow for a variety of application methods, determine if applicants met the C2C eligibility criteria, and interface with cable and computer partners on their offerings. In parallel, the processes and systems needed to encompass complex program integrity components to manage potential fraud.

Solix successfully delivered a highly visible, comprehensive program for the C2C partners and stakeholders. The initial pilot program launched in April 2012 to select students in San Diego, California schools with a follow-up launch in October 2012 to over 600 schools located in 17 different states. The C2C program involved a computer partner and eight different (voluntarily participating) cable/internet providers.

Join us to learn how the Solix team successfully implemented Connect2Compete's Program designed to bridge the digital divide by helping low income families discover the transformational power of the Internet and the ability for technology to improve lives.

2012 --- St. Peter's University Hospital

Project Team - Cindy Kottler, Director of Clinical and Business Systems, Patricia Carroll, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President; Elizabeth Wykpisz, VP/Patient Care Services , Chief Nursing Officer and executive sponsor; Frank DiSanzo, VP/CIO and Chief of Strategy and Donna LeSieur, Account Executive vendor representative.

St. Peter's University Hospital Clinical System Implementation is the winner of this year's PMINJ Project of the Year. The project involved the build and implementation of an acute care clinical computer system installed across all service lines of a 478 bed major teaching hospital to deliver an entirely paperless electronic health record.

The scope included building 20 applications, configuring 75 interfaces and the deployment of 750 devices. A total of 3500 end users were trained including nurses, physicians and ancillary department users. The project required St. Peter's University Hospital to "think outside the box" to identify solutions and strategies to deliver the project on time, within budget and scope. The success of this project has positioned the hospital to deliver exemplary patient care while meeting federally mandated Healthcare Reform requirements.

2011 --- Workers Compensation Claims Solution by NJM

As recipients of PMINJ's Project of the Year, several individuals from New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company (NJM) will provide a presentation on the Workers Compensation Claims Solution. This project is the largest business/technology initiative in the company's history. This program successfully implemented five major technology solutions and involved over 200 people across 11 departments. It also allowed NJM to move away from its legacy systems to more flexible solutions and streamline its claims process to better serve its policy holders. The team members attributed the success of this project to the outstanding teamwork and dedication of NJM's employees.

The focus of this presentation will be the use of project management tools, successes and challenges, and most importantly the impact the Workers Compensation Claims Solution has had on NJM.

The team members (Poonam Bhargava, Harold Fink, Kathleen Flaherty, Larry Fore, Margaret Inman, Loretta Kreutzberg, Jack Parra and Carol Voorhees) joined NJM between 1985 and 2005. They have a broad range of experience. The head of the Project Management Office is Harold Fink and the Director of this office is Carol Voorhees. The other individuals deal with administration of Business Solution Delivery, implementation of enterprise-wide Document Management and Integration solutions with business applications, Policy Administration and Financial Systems, Workers Compensation medical bill review system, Workers Compensation Claim Center, cash management, general accounting, actuarial, and statistics.

2010 --- Connect by Hertz

Terri Ciccodicola, PMP, Senior Director, Global Program Management
Jackie Vander Ploeg, General Manager

Car Sharing, while popular throughout Europe, has been grow mx-2 ing in the US. Hertz Corporation saw an opportunity to be the first rental car company to launch a global car sharing program. Connect by Hertz car sharing enables members to drive in and out of town on a pay-as-you-go basis; it is a solution that provides customers with an economical, convenient and socially-conscious alternative to car ownership.

Bringing Connect by Hertz to life involved the due diligence and steadfast adherence to critical project management tactics. The project as a whole centered on the design, implementation and support of this new business. To meet their goals, the Connect by Hertz team was able to leverage Hertz's resources and infrastructure, such as fleet purchasing power, customer service center and a renowned, trusted and established global brand, to create a new value proposition within the car sharing arena.

2009 --- Major League Baseball Network

Launch of the Back Office/Broadcast Backbone LAN and Network Deployment
Presented by Cindy Cortell, Major League Baseball Network
Members of the team included:
Mark Haden - VP of Engineering & Information Technology
Peter Surhoff - VP of Operations
Tab Butler - Director of Media Management
Mark Henry - Director of Broadcasting
Jeffrey Vee - Senior Manager of Network Infrastructure
Simon Tse - Senior Manager of Network Infrastructure
Marc Jellinek - SQL Manager
Luke Bodenstein - Information Technology Engineer
Adam Hakanjin - Information Technology Engineer
Mike Carstens - Manager of Operations
Juan Londono - Service Desk Analyst
Paul Pimenta - Service Desk Analyst
Brian Kabus - Service Desk Analyst
Daniel Gainey - Network Architect
Anthony Tesoriero - Manager of Service Desk and Support

Cindy Cortell is representing the Major League Baseball Network IT Department. Through this project, the team was able to successfully launch the Major League Baseball Network on January 1, 2009 in about 50 million homes, making it the largest single network deployment in cable/satellite televison history. The project team was given the exciting challenge of building a network infrastructure from the ground up following the acquisition of MSNBC's former studio in Secaucus. The former MSNBC building required a complete overhaul to replace the antiquated broadcast equipment and cabling with state of the art, high definition broadcast systems and a fiber optic cable infrastructure utilizing a 10 gigabit fiber backbone. In addition, there were no existing studios to retrofit or IT infrastructure.

The team had a very aggressive and definitive timeline for setting up the broadcast and back office backbone. Design, build, and implementation were accelerated. Work that normally would take two months was completed over two weekends. As you may imagine, this presented various challenges which are addressed in the presentation.

2004 --- Virtual Corporation

Kaiser Permanente Business Continuity Program Implementation

Virtual Corporation teamed with Kaiser to implement over 6,000 departmental recovery plans within an 18 month period. There were 50 individual projects implemented. It was the largest BC program launch ever undertaken. The projects success was due to the extraordinary teaming effort and constant communication between the two corporations.

Scott Ream founded Virtual Corporation in 1994 specifically to assist large, geographically dispersed organizations with implementation of appropriately scaled, sustainable business continuity programs. Mr. Ream is currently serving as a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for Contingency Planning ? Management Magazine.

Project Leaders for the project (Key Contributors):
Scott W. Ream - President, Virtual Corporation
Skip I. Skivington - Director, Healthcare Continuity Management, Kaiser Permanente
Larry Fischer - Project Executive, Virtual Corporation
Aaron Diskin - Senior Consultant, Virtual Corporation
Bob Farkas - Senior Consultant, Virtual Corporation

2003 --- MerkMedco's Managed Care, L.L.C.

of Willingboro New Jersey Merck-Medco's Engineering Department resides in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. The project was managed by Wayne Rice, the overall Project Manager. The Project Team consisted of the following individuals.

Mike Brosie, Vice President Engineering
Chris Hess, Senior Director-Project Planning
John McGivern, Executive Director, Automated Pharmacy Systems
Wayne Rice, Vice President- Pharmacy Operations
George Smith, Aggregate Planner
Mike Szesko, Director-Process Development

Project Objective : build an automated pharmacy in Willingboro, NJ, which will be the world's largest pharmacy by 2003 dispensing 780,000 perscriptions a week. The project was implemented and successfully closed, ahead of schedule on October 5, 2001. The operation is in full swing today.

2000 --- Home & Garden Television 1999 Broadcast Center Rebuild

In order to accommodate grow mx-2 th, Home ? Garden Television (HGTV) expanded their Knoxville, Tn. facility. This expansion included an increase in active networks from one to four (including an increase in transmission capacity.) This project also included the expansion of HGTVs Master Control facility; an increase in on-line storage capacity and construction of new building linking the original site to the parking garage. The additional space allowed the construction of an Internet/Web command center; which became the showplace for the Internet presence of HGTV and its sister companies.

Project Manager - Tom Michales - Senior Project Manager, AF Associates, Inc.

1999 --- Aurora Data Center Conversion

The Aurora Data Center Conversion was a complex project to replace outdated data warehouse hardware platforms and related software with the latest hardware and software at Lucent Technologies' principal data center. The project's mandate was to accomplish the data center conversion without interrupting critical business systems, which included general ledger, financial code conversion, product sales, and human resource applications. The affected data bases range from 100GB to more than a terabyte and user communities from 100 to 1000 users.

Project Manager - Stephen P. Kruger - Manager-IBM Global Services

1997 --- Chase/Chemical Bank Merger Team

1996 --- PSEG Bergan Repowering Project

Project Manager Robert W. Dunn led the Bergen Repowering Project. This project also won the Regional Project of the Year.

The Bergen Repowering Project encompassed the conversion of a thirty year old conventional fossil fueled generating station to a facility that incorporated the latest in engineering technology with the existing assets of the station. The project team exceeded their goals and achieved the main objective of providing PSE?G customers an efficient, environmentally friendly power generation station.

1995 --- PSEG Mercer Generating Plant Rehab

1994 --- Port Authority of NY/NJ World Trade Center Bombing Recovery

2022 - Manish Malevar - BNY Mellon Pershing

Manish is a director at BNY Mellon Pershing, within the Project Management Office (PMO.) He has expertise in large scale business transformation and complex technology engagements. In addition, he is a Project Management Professional with PMI since 2005 and a SAFE Agile professional (Certified Release Train Engineer, Scrum Master and Agilist).

Manish has 22 years of experience and currently manages the technology portfolio for industry leading wealth platforms of NetX360, NetXInvestor, NetXServices which are used by more than 100,000 professional users and 3.8 M investors

Manish constantly strives to innovate and simplify processes which enables business growth, operational efficiency and reimagined experience for BNYMellon and its clients. He has been instrumental in establishing firm wide benchmarks for governance, program planning, and management. Manish led his team throughout the adoption of agile, and his team was the first to successfully migrate to the agile model, bringing higher efficiencies and greater client satisfaction.

Manish holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the Indian Institute of Management- Bangalore, India and a Bachelor of Engineering from Malaviya National Institute of Technology-Jaipur, India. In his spare time, Manish enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, playing tennis, and learning international languages

2022 - Honorable Mention - Tom Schnipp, Ed.M, PMP, SSM

  • Manager, Project Management and Scrum Master
  • Instructor, Center for Workforce Development, County College of Morris
Tom Schnipp has over 20 years of experience managing IT, finance and business projects in the nonprofit, telecommunications, governmental and financial services industries for mid-size and Fortune 500 companies. Tom is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a member of both Project Management Institute (PMI) and the New Jersey Chapter of PMI, where he is an active volunteer. Tom’s other volunteer experiences include past Board Member of the Morris County Economic Development Corporation and past Board Member and Treasurer of the Parks Alliance of Morris County as well as volunteer roles with a number of local organizations. Tom is also a Scaled Agile member and holder of the certified SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) credential.

He holds undergraduate degrees in History and International Relations from Boston University, a Masters's Degree in Education from Rutgers, and a Graduate Certificate in Project Management from Stephens Institute of Technology. Tom has brought his teaching experience to the business world by defining, developing and delivering corporate education programs in project management, security awareness, IT policies, end-user training and Agile.

In addition to being a project management practitioner, he most recently developed and delivered a project management curriculum for the County College of Morris Center for Workforce Development. The aim of the program is to advance participant knowledge in the field and enhance career pathways. He has been a learning symposium presenter and delivered content at corporate town halls. Tom believes in the power of networking and places a high degree of value on lifelong learning for himself and others.

2021 - Anne M. Tomasello, PMP – Rowan University, Department of Family Medicine

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Plaque      Josha

Congratulation to Ms. Anne M.Tomasello, PMP on winning the Project Management Institute – New Jersey Chapter "20 21 Project Manager of The Year" award. The PMINJ PMOY award celebrates and recognizes a PMINJ Chapter Project Manager for an outstanding project management achievement.

Anne was instrumental in the successful operation of a new Covid-19 Vaccine Center at row mx-2 an University, School of Osteopathic Medicine (row mx-2 anSOM). Anne's project management leadership skills led to "on boarding over 1,000 unique team members through the multiple human resources, technology, and training requirements culminating in a perfect warm welcome to the clinic so each were appropriately credentialed to help the community". Anne's communication and coordination skills were paramount with ensuring everyone involved in the Covid-19 Vaccine Center effort were integrating with the master plan and all key stakeholder needs and requirements were fully met.

To quote Anne's supervisor, Dr. Joshua Coren, "I truly can say that the success of our project to coordinate and administer vaccinations to New Jersey from our row mx-2 anSOM community is directly related to Anne's leadership and project management skills".

2020 - Dion Magee - Magee Enterprises, LLC



Dion Magee's story is unique and an impressive one benefiting both the corporate culture of a mid-size company with a grow mx-2 ing presence as well as the clinical trial and public health communities. Mr. Magee provides professional project management expertise with a creative delivery approach for Clincierge. Mr. Magee was asked to apply his skills and vast experience in project management as lead (of a special team) assigned with a task critical to expanding Clincierge global footprint in compliance with various regulatory, legal, and ethical standards worldwide.

Mr. Magee utilized the project management framework for this newly created team that maintains high visibility within the organization, its leadership, and key stakeholders.

The work led by Mr. Magee resulted in our company's expansion into fourteen (14) new markets in Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, thus enabling critically ill clinical trial participants to receive the life-saving treatments they so desperately need whilst providing Clincierge increased visibility in the global pharmaceutical and life sciences marketplace.

Due to the highly visible success of Mr. Magee's project leadership, Clincierge has now adopted as standard practice, a Project Management approach, to all special projects undertaken by any department.

Additionally, over the course of the past year, more than 75% of Clincierge's Operations Department has either started to pursue or achieved Project Management certification thanks to the trailblazing example set by Mr. Magee.

Mr. Magee is the owner of Magee Enterprises, LLC is a project management consultant and educator leading high profile, complex projects on behalf of clients from an array of industries. Dion serves as a business success advisor for grow mx-2 ing companies in other industry segments such as: entrepreneurship, meetings and events, banking, media, patient engagement advocacy and travel, clinical trial management, and hospitality services.

Dion is also an accomplished educator who is passionate about teaching the project management framework in various industries. Dion joined Temple's University School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management, as an Adjunct Professor earning himself "Educator of the Year" in 2009 for his dedication to the hospitality industry.  Dion is earned the "Corporate Planner of the Year" by Event Solutions Magazine and a "Young and Inspiring Event Professional in Industry" by special Events Magazine in 2005.

Dion has authored a collection of principles which provide guidance, governance and best practices for planning and managing meetings and events. "EventiFocus" - Event Project Management Framework - combines industry resources with recognized project planning resources and techniques for sharply executed meetings and events.

2020 - Honorable Mention - Pamela McGowan, PMP - R&D Manager - Dettol


Pamela McGowan is an R&D Project Manager with 11 years experience in the FCMG industry covering a variety of Personal Care and Surface Disinfection brands, working both in the UK and the US. She is currently R&D Project Management Lead at RB, leading a team based in New Jersey and India to support Dettol, a leading global personal and home care disinfection brand. She is a PMP and has a 1st Class Honors degree in Chemistry from University of the West of Scotland.

Pamela is widely known for her expertise, her can-do attitude and her relentless ability to solve complex problems quickly and painlessly. In her current role, she leads Project Management of the global Dettol Innovation pipeline, driving compliance against all required scope and budget deliverables to deliver within timings and against revenue targets. Through Pamela's leadership, her team has created more than 50 complex timelines across 10 manufacturing sites in the past year, across a variety of product formats including hand washes, hand sanitizers, laundry sanitizers and antibacterial wipes. She has also transformed Project Management practices within the team by creating new tools for change management, scope management and resource planning, the latter resulting in successful expansion of the Dettol R&D team based in NJ.

2018 - Michael R. Thomas, PE, LEED AP ND, PMP  – T&M Associates


Congratulations to Mr. Michael R. Thomas, PE, LEED AP ND, PMP on winning the Project Management Institute – New Jersey Chapter 2018 "Project Manager of the Year" Award. The PMINJ Project Manager of the Year Award recognizes and honors a PMINJ Chapter Project Manager for a significant project management achievement using their skills and commitment to the project management profession.

Michael represents the best of the best within the New Jersey project management community and his leadership at T&M Associates and his commitment to his colleagues are hallmark traits that have earned him the respect of his clients.  

Michael's leadership and expertise in project controls, including the use of earned value analysis for cost control, lead to the successful project completion of the "Fort Monmouth Myer Center Abatement, Demolition & Site Improvement Design".  Michael applied his knowledge of PMIs Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) and practical skills to also delivered a comprehensive project management Work Plan, integrating all ten (10) PMBOK Knowledge Areas within the five (5) Process Groups.  

2016 - Saibal Basuroy, PMP – Hill International


Saibal Basuroy is a PMI member since 2006 and is a PMP. He is currently Director of Project Controls for Hill International. He has more than 28 years of experience in all aspects of Project Controls for very large infrastructure and transit projects throughout  the world including Asia, the Middle East and North America.

Currently, Saibal leads the project controls effort for MTA's $2.4 billion Number 7 Subway Line Project in New York City. In this capacity he is responsible for the schedule, cost and budget control, and progress reporting to the highest level of management.

He is also responsible for coordination with the Owner's team, funding partner, the design team and contractors. Saibal's lead role in Project Controls was the key to the project achieving Revenue Service under budget and within schedule.

2016 - Honorable Mention - Jennifer Scatcherd, PMP – Atlantic Health System


Jennifer is a senior Project Manager with 23 years experience in multiple areas of the healthcare industry. Jennifer has a Master's degree in Administrative Sciences from Fairleigh Dickerson University.

Jennifer is an exemplary Project Manger at Atlantic Health System and was instrumental in the successful Hackettstown Hospital Acquisition technology component. The project broadened the footprint of Atlantic Health System further into Sussex County.

2013 - Cindy Kottler – St Peter's Healthcare System


The winner of this year's award, Cindy Kottler, is the embodiment of a true Project Management Professional. In 2012 Cindy and her team won the PMINJ Project of the Year. This year she decided to go solo.

In 2012, Cindy led a major project that required the building and testing of a computerized physician order entry (CPOE). The measurable level of utilization of the CPOE system by the physician is required for complince with the Federal Meaningingful Use guideline. Cindy was tasked with obtaining the buy-in from over 1000 community physicians who had no ties to the hospital or anything to gain by utilizing the CPOE. While many hospitals are struggling with enforcing compliance to computerized physician order entry system, St Peters system has been widely praised among their providers and that is largely due to Cindy's roll out, training and support plans.

Even though there where several major challenges including the training and deployment to over 1000 physicians, residents and physician assistants, Cindy maintained her professionalism, drive and sense of humor to deliver the project with success.

So, we are honored to present the 2013 PMINJ Project Manager of the Year Award to Cindy Kottler of St Peter's Healthcare System in New Brunswick, NJ.

2012 - Danielle Meglaughlin – Atlantic Health System


Managed the replacement of an out of date information system and implementation of the cores information systems utilized at Atlantic Health facilities by November 2011.
  • A total of 73 new products where introduce with over 40 separate project plans being implemented at the same time.
  • Always willing to offer her assistance and developed a great rapport with constituents.
  • She is a frequently requested PM for Atlantic Health Systems most difficult projects.

The PMI Fellow Award recognizes and honors members who have made sustained and significant contributions to the project management profession and the Institute for more than a decade.

This is PMI’s highest and most prestigious individual award. Designation as “A Fellow of the Institute” is an honorary recognition for PMI members in good standing and confers no other specific individual or collective responsibility.

Originated in 1982, PMI Fellow Award recipients represent a virtual “Who's Who” in project management. They are accomplished people from a broad range of fields who have had the vision and passion to make significant and lasting contributions to the project management profession and to PMI.

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Mary Devon O'Brien (1995) has served the Institute and her profession as a very capable leader and spokesperson. Ms. O'Brien has held positions at the PMI New Jersey Chapter since joining in 1984 and is highly regarded as a mentor/advisor to the Chapter's Board of Directors. She received a PMI Citation for Outstanding Service to the Institute during 1986 and 1987 and the PMI Outstanding Chapter President Award in 1988. Between 1989 and 1993, she held the offices of PMI Vice President-Region II, President, Chair and Ex-Officio. She has served on many PMI committees and has made numerous presentations at PMI Chapter meetings, annual PMI Seminars & Symposia, and at other project management events around the world.

Frank P. Saladis (2013) PMP is the Owner / Founder of Blue Marble Enterprises Inc. and Project Imaginers. Mr.Saladis is an accomplished leader and contributor in the discipline of project management. He is the author of 12 published books, the past editor of the All PM Newsletter and the author of over 160 project management articles, including a recent one in The Keys to Our Success, compiled by David Barrett and Derek Vigar. Mr.Saladis provides training and consulting internationally and has educated and entertained countless audiences with a special blend of project management knowledge and tasteful humor. He is also a senior project management instructor and consultant for the International Institute for Learning (IIL) and Successful Projects. Mr.Saladis is the originator/founder of International Project Management Day, which launched in 2004 and has been growing in recognition yearly. The goal of International Project Management Day is the worldwide recognition of the many project managers and project teams in every industry including nonprofit organizations and health care, who contribute their time, energy, creativity, innovation and countless hours to deliver products, services, facilities, and provide emergency and disaster recovery services in every city and community around the world. Recently, a program entitled "The Frank P. Saladis Certificate in Project Management” was introduced to several universities in Wisconsin. Mr.Saladis was PMI's 2006 Person of the Year. Mr.Saladis is a Project Management Professional, a graduate from the PMI Leadership Institute Master’s class, and has contributed significantly to the organizations growth and knowledge base for more than 20 years. His leadership activity within PMI included the position of president of the PMI New York City Chapter from 1991-2001, president of the Assembly of Chapter Presidents, and chair of the PMI Education and Training Specific Interest Group. He received a PMI Fellow Award in October 2013. He is currently serving another term as president of the PMI New York City Chapter.

On 09 October 2015, PMINJ was the recipient of the 2015 PMI Excellence Awards in Category  IV for:
  • Volunteer Programs
  • Chapter Leadership
The Franklin Food Bank conducts an annual Bike Tour - a major community and biking event with 660 people raising $62,000+. The Food Bank partnered with PMINJ for help with planning, execution and analysis.  PMINJ's role expanded to volunteer and public relations management, process improvement, total event planning, including social media.  PMINJ and Montclair State University teamed to offer a 2015 PM Experiential class to MBA students, with 4 students assigned to Public Relations/Media Coordination for benefit of the fund raising effort.

John Bufe received the Chapter Leadership award in recognition of the many members who make PMINJ one of the leading chapters in the world.  The recognition is a tribute to the volunteers and the past and present board members who contribute their time and efforts for the members of the chapter and the community.  And they have fun.

PMI 2015 Excellence Award
PMI 2015 Excellence Award PMI 2015 Excellence Award 
PMI 2015 Excellence Award PMI 2015 Excellence Award 
PMI 2015 Excellence Award

On 25 October 2014, PMINJ was the recipient of the 2014 PMI Chapter Award for Collaboration & Outreach in Category IV.

This award is given in recognition of the chapter's strong partnership with community organizations, in particular Franklin Township Food Bank and the chapter's educational outreach with NJ Schools.

The New Jersey Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI) presented two awards for Outstanding Service to PMI and to the New Jersey Chapter on June 11, 1996.

The Awards were given to two engineers associated with Schering-Plough that have been involved with PMI since 1982:
  • Anthony Accatatta, PE, Director of Technical Operation's Engineering
  • Herb Kaplan, PE, who has been retired since 1985, and was formerly Director of Corporate Engineering.
The association of both Engineers goes back to 1970 when Mr. Accatatta was hired by Mr. Kaplan as a Packaging Project Engineer. Both became involved with PMI in 1982, when the organization was initially established and had a few dozen members in the New Jersey Chapter. Since that time, the local Chapter has grow mx-2 n to over 1000 members, and is the largest chapter of the Institute which has an international membership of 23,000. The local chapter provides monthly technical meetings on all aspects of Project Management, along with an annual symposium and related field trips.

The Outstanding Service awards were the first ever bestowed at the Chapter level, and were a result of the proactive leadership and personal involvement that they both exhibited as members of the Board of Directors and in recognition of outstanding services and contributions to the New Jersey Chapter PMI.

Mr. Accatatta has served as Vice President, Administration, Vice President Programs, was the founding editor of the chapters quarterly newsletter "Projections," and has been an advisor for the past six years.

Mr. Kaplan has served as an advisor for fourteen years, and has been heavily involved in the annual symposium for the past ten years.

The awards were presented by William Ruggles, the International Ex-Officio of Technical Development, who noted that it was a distinct honor for Schering-Plough to have both a current employee and a retiree from the corporation recognized for the outstanding contributions made to PMI.

Mary Devon O'Brien was recently appointed into Pathfinder Inc.'s 1998 "Pathfinder Wall of Fame" in recognition of her significant long-term contributions to the project management profession. A wall plaque will be displayed in the main lobby of Pathfinder and will read "Pathfinder Inc. Proudly Recognizes the Following Exemplary Career Professionals for Their Outstanding Contributions to the Advancement of Project Management Technology."

Again, the Outstanding President of the Year was awarded to Mary Devon O'Brien at PMI's Seminar/Symposium on September 7, 2000, in Houston.

The Outstanding President of the Year was awarded to Mary Devon O'Brien at PMI's Seminar/Symposium on October 8, 1999, in Philadelphia.

The Outstanding President of the Year was awarded to F. Nelson Woomer (NJ's Past President) at PMI's Seminar/Symposium on October 4, 1996 in Boston. PMI VP David Pells, PMP, acknowledged Nelson's leadership, organizational and management initiatives while leading the NJ Chapter.

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