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Strategic Plan
Bylaws (June 2013 / Approved 04 Feb 2014)

PMINJ does not have a physical location
Chapter mailing address:
PO Box 268
Flemington, NJ 08822

* denotes Executive Committee

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Judy Balaban, PMP

908 963-2559

The President shall be the chief executive Officer for PMINJ and of the Board, and shall perform such duties as are customary for presiding Officers, including making all required appointments with the approval of the Board.  The President shall also serve as a member ex-officio with the right to participate and vote on all committees except the Nominating Committee.

The President presides at all general meetings of the Chapter (Monthly, Symposium and Seminars) and at all officer meetings.  The President's principal function is to provide broad, general guidance of the Chapter and its officers, and to serve as Chief Operating Officer. 

Other guidelines include:

  • Serve as liaison with PMI Headquarters
  • Communicate and coordinate with chapters and mentor in Region 4
  • Ensure that the Chapter has satisfied all requirements of PMI Headquarters (Charter Renewal, tax, insurance, etc.)
  • Represent the Chapter at Leadership Conferences
Advisors provide advice and guidance to the Executive Board. The advisors are appointed by the President.
Pat Bonanni, PMP

732 718-5057
Pat provides expertise on Board operations and Financial activities.
Linda Glickman, PMP

212 713-8300
Linda provides expertise on Programs, Training and Workshops.
VP - Administration*
Cathy Bruce, PMP

201 264-3528
The VP Administration shall keep the records of all business meetings of PMINJ and meetings of the Board.  They will also be responsible for all official correspondence to other organizations including PMI.
  • Be conversant with Chapter Operations
  • Assist in executive duties and decision-making, acting as an apprentice to the President.
  • PMIEF liaison
  • Conduct correspondence of chapter, as requested by the President
  • Ensure official files, including a copy of the Chapter Constitution, Bylaws and amendments, and the Chapter Strategic Plan, are stored on the Yahoo Group site for the Board members.  This is the ‘official’ site for document storage.
  • Provide notice for meetings, both for officers and the Board of Directors. (Executive Committee and Executive Board), when applicable
  • Surveys – distribution, tabulation analytics / data mining for trends with the specific group and across all surveys
VP - Business Relationships*

The VP Business Relationships is responsible for maintaining a consistent alliance with organizations that participate in the success of PMINJ.
  • Solicit and manage sponsorship opportunities for the chapter
  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with corporations, vendors, local components, educational entities, and REPs.
  • Manage and maintain sponsorship data base.
  • Manage all advertising activities for newsletter, e-mail blasts, and website.
  • Establish and maintain venue data base.
  • Establish and maintain speaker data base.
  • Establish and manage customer relationship management data base.
Director - Business Relationships
Christine Strobel, PMP

973 479-6905
The Director of Business Relationships is responsible to Develop and maintain a relationship management database to track Speakers, Venues, Sponsors.  This will assist the other VPs with negotiations to leverage the chapters program.

The director will also establish and maintain relationships with sponsors for the chapters programs and events.
VP - Finance*
Joyce Nussbaum, PMP

732 225-7185
The VP Finance shall oversee the management of funds for duly authorized purposes of PMINJ.

Specific financial tasks include:
  • Prepare an annual budget.
  • Collect fees, dues and other funds.
  • Pay approved bills in accordance with the approved budget or Board approval.
  • Complete annual Financial Report.
  • File Federal Tax Return
  • File NJ Charitable Organization form
  • Be the liaison to the 501c3 organization
  • Manage PMINJ charitable contributions
Director - Finance
Laura Pinto, PMP

732 995-2342
The Finance Director assists the VP Finance with the Accounts Receivables

The director is the liaison with the teams responsible to manage the major events.  The director assures that the revenues are received and refunded (as required) through our Credit Card processing system.

The director assures that the members, non-members, guests, volunteers, and sponsors are charged appropriately through the on-line registration system.
VP - Marketing*
Steve Warnek, PMP

973 464-8430
The VP Marketing is responsible for all public relations and marketing activities for PMINJ. This includes:
  • Public relations
  • Social networking
  • Newsletters
  • Email blast
  • Website
  • Development and creation of a marketing strategy for the chapter
  • Development of marketing materials for chapter,
  • Manage the content and flow of all outbound communications including web site, advertising, mail, social media, and other PMI related publications (PMI Today).
  • Represent PMINJ at various community and / or business meetings to promote PMINJ.
Igor Zdorovyak
Director - Marketing
Igor Zdorovyak, PMP

862 571-9849
The Marketing Director assists the VP Marketing with publishing event information through Social Medial and local publications. The director will assure that pre and post event reporting provides the community with the information required to participate in the chapter events for their professional development.
VP - Membership*
Mark Barash, PMP

973 503-4488
The VP Membership is responsible for all membership and retention activities of PMINJ.

The VP Membership serves as the public interface for member information, and promotes the benefits of membership to individuals and corporations. 
  • Provide membership information and statistics to the chapter officers
  • Provide data mining analysis to identify the profile of the PMINJ membership and how PMINJ can best serve the members.
Provide guidance for:
  • New Member Relations
  • Member Retention
  • Prospective Members
Provide member services related to on-line registration for Chapter events. 
Director - Member Service Center
Wes Tervo, PMP

973 479-2413
The Director Member Service Center is responsible for all registration activities for PMINJ events.
Director - Membership Communications
Bill Fottis, PMP

732 319-7639
The Director Membership Communications is responsible for communications with the members as they join, rejoin, or renew. The director will also communicate with members to assure that they are receiving value from their membership and will be renewing membership before it expires. The director will help to identify opportunities for the chapter to provide an engaging experience for the members.
VP - Outreach*
Elaine Tanimura, PMP

973 713-0613
The VP Outreach is responsible for maintaining alliances and providing assistance to New Jersey communities, corporations, government, and educational institutions.

Relationship management
  • Community
  • Corporate
  • University
  • Government
  • LCIs
Director- LCIs
Jon Rice, PMP

609 413-3341
The Director of Local Communities of Interest (LCIs) is responsible to promote the establishment and support of LCIs in the Chapter. Specific duties are as follows:
  • Contact and inform PMI Communities of Practice (CoP) of the support provided by PMINJ for LCIs within the chapter.
  • Solicit chapter members for interest to establish a LCI for a CoP or other prominent group within the chapter.
  • Provide guidance and support to chapter members establishing and / or maintaining a LCI within New Jersey.
VP - Professional Development*
John Tse, PMP

908 791-5312
The VP Professional Development is responsible for all matters relating to the development of professional abilities and certifications of the membership.

The VP Professional Development is responsible for the professional standing of credential holders, and the education of potential credential holders. Assess and recommend vendor partnerships to offer educational opportunities for certification to our membership.
This VP is also responsible for the mentoring program in the chapter.
Director - Mentors
Rakesh Patel, PMP

908 801-6706
The Director of Mentors manages the Program that links serious and accomplished Project Managers with those who would like a mentoring relationship so they can become a more accomplished PM

The Director is responsible to:
  • Recruit, train, and manage a group of experienced Mentors to assist aspiring PMs to become more knowledgeable in project management.
  • Identify mentee needs and assign the appropriate mentor
  • Provide an environment to assure that the mentor and mentee has an avenue of communication.
VP - Programs*
Charles Rosen, PMP

908 672-2806
The VP Programs is responsible for establishing PMINJ's programs

This includes:
  • oversight of the entire program process
  • developing a program plan,
  • identification of speakers
  • meeting locations / catering logistics
  • flyer
  • feedback
  • on-site registration
  • budget
Plan special events and other special meetings as required.

Ensure meetings do not conflict with annual PMI / seminar / symposium / holidays or local chapter meetings.

Director - Satelllites
Prasanna Punnam, PMP

908 685-0345
The Director Satellites, is responsible for satellite activities for each of the monthly meetings.  This director is also responsible to identify new locations and work with them to meet the technical and physical requirements to host a satellite.  

Prior to each month, the director will identify any activities that would prevent the satellite from hosting the next month and notify the program team of the satellites participation.
Director - Speaker Operations
Marion McGlynn, PMP

908 240-7357
The Director Speaker Operations is responsible to identify quality speakers on timely topics for each of the monthly meetings.  Ideally, the director is planning a year ahead and providing mitigation when speaker plans change.
Director -
Program Operatiions
Roger So, PMP

908 547-0410
The Director for Program Operations is responsible for all other activities that are required to run the monthly programs.
VP - Recognition*
Lystra Haynes, PMP

732 801-7491
The VP Recognition is responsible for recognizing accomplishments related to Project Management and other professional and personal achievements.
  • Management oversight for the awards / recognition for chapter members and volunteers.
  • Oversight of the administration and award of the Project of the Year.
  • Oversight of the administration and award Project Manager of the Year.
  • Management oversight of the Student Paper presentations with local universities and Student Paper of the Year Award.
  • Administer and award student scholarships to members’ children and a member in a PM Master's program
  • Manage and coordinate volunteer opportunities with the chapter
Director - Volunteers
Sameer Mishra, PMP

609 610 6996
The Director Volunteers is responsible to recognize PMINJ members for their accomplishments, skills, and volunteer service to the chapter.

Volunteer placement:
  • Provide chapter members meaningful opportunities to:
    • Influence and learn about PMI and PMINJ.
    • Hone and broaden their skills with hands on experience.
    • Earn PDUs through volunteer service 
    • Meet new people and expand their network.
  • Increase the value proposition for joining the chapter by providing meaningful and rewarding volunteer opportunities,
  • Identify volunteers to fulfill specific roles to support chapter goals, activities and events. 
Volunteer recognition:
  • Volunteer of the Quarter - solicit nominations to recognize an outstanding volunteer each quarter for their continued (minimum 2 years) contributions to the chapter. 
  • Arrange to honor all PMINJ Chapter volunteers at an Annual Volunteer Recognition dinner to be held on the first Friday in March for the previous year’s contributions.
VP - Symposium*
Lisa Blake, PMP

908 310-0245
The VP Symposium is responsible for all matters relating to the PMINJ Seminars and Symposium
  • Logistics and Event Management
  • Communication and Advertisement
  • Speakers Solicitation and Selection
  • Sponsorship and exhibitors logistics
  • Facility and AV
  • Proceedings (Thin Folder handout for attendees)
  • Evaluations
  • Photos
  • On-site Registration
Director -
Max Abrams, PMP

201 924-0788
The Director Speakers is responsible to identify high class speakers who can provide timely, insightful and entertaining topics during an all day event.  Since the length of the presentation can vary from 1 to 4 hours, the speakers must have proven track records that support including them in an event that will host 600 project management professionals.
Director -
Symposium Operations
Suzanne Walsh, PMP

732 668-3137
The Director of Operations assures that all of the Symposium activities are planned in advance and the event is truly run like a project from start to finish.
Director - Facilities
Karen Kogut, PMP

908 580-9141
The Director Facilities identifies the locations that are capable of handling an event that is attended by 600 participants, 20 sponsors and 10 PMINJ LCIs and organizations.
Past President*
John Bufe, PMP

908 334-6788
Advises the Chapter President and Vice-Presidents, attends the Officer meetings, chairs the nominating committee and assists as requested by the Chapter President.

The President can, from time to time, requests that the Past President assist with various projects and help promote chapter activities. Some guidelines include:
  • Assist as requested to provide wisdom on key issues
  • Work on at least one project per year
  • Assist with liaison to Leadership Development and Excellence Committee and HQ as requested
  • Support and enhance the work of other volunteers
  • Act as cheerleader and devil's advocate, as needed

Past Presidents

John Bufe
2004 - 2011
Ed Miller
2000 - 2004
Mary Devon O’Brien
1998 - 2000
Nelson Woomer
1996 - 1998
Claus Kinder
1992 - 1996
Bill Ruggles
1990 - 1992
James Harte
1988 - 1990
Mary DevonO’Brien
1986 - 1988
Andy Signore
1984 - 1986
Claudio Pincus
1982 - 1984
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