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Teach and facilitate Networking among PMINJ members to support their personal and professional growth, engage career coaches and experts to provide guidance in navigating the job-search process, and promote exposure to career and business opportunities.


The PMINJ Career Networking Local Community of Interest (CNL) was established to facilitate business and career networking among PMINJ members. The CNL's goals are to provide additional networking opportunities to PMINJ members in the form of networking events, educational forums, and professional development opportunities. A structured networking event is hosted each month, with elements of speakers, panel discussions, job announcements, networking sessions and interactive workshops.

The CNL provides these services for interested PMINJ Project Managers:

  • Career Networking session prior to monthly Chapter meetings
  • Career Networking email list enabling notices and opportunities to be sent to CNL members
  • Reference information about other networking resources and previous speaker sessions

Monthly Sessions

Career Networking Sessions are held before monthly PMINJ Chapter meetings, at the Main Meeting location. Registration begins at 5:15pm; the Networking event opens at 5:30pm and closes at 6:30pm, giving members time to enjoy dinner before the main meeting. No separate pre-registration is needed - just be sure to register for the chapter meeting, arrive a bit earlier, and join us.

This season, CNL is planning to host speaker presentations in September, November, February, April and May, and facilitated networking sessions in October, January, March and June.

Handouts from the meetings (when available) can be downloaded from the PMINJ chapter website. Go to Events > Archive, and find the meeting of interest to download the handouts.

Upcoming Session

4/16/2019 - Get Yourself Hired! with Lloyd Feinstein

What drives Senior Management's hiring decisions? Can you market yourself appropriately to make the grade? Follow Lloyd Feinstein's tour through the process, master his guidelines on what to wear, say and send, and position yourself to sail through those white-knuckle interviews.

Lloyd Feinstein is a seasoned professional career counselor, consultant and advisor to senior management executives and professionals, more than 2700 during the past 18 years. An accomplished speaker on career management topics for the serious-minded career professional, he is an Associate Member of Financial Executives Networking Group (FENG), where he is a frequent speaker at local chapter meetings.

Author of the book "Shorten Your Job Search: Build Confidence, Communicate Your Value and Quickly Land Your New Job", Lloyd also co-authored "Career Changing: The Worry-Free Guide". He writes for The Wall Street Journal's National Business Employment Weekly, and his most recently published article is "Step Up To The Plate in Today's Hiring Game" in Pulse, published by the Association for Financial Professionals.

Former Director of Human Resources for Oppenheimer & Co. and Director of Human Resources for Cadence Industries Corp., Lloyd Feinstein founded Career Marketing Consultants ( in 1984, based on principles and insights he gleaned during a 20-year career in corporate human resources, recruiting, and career counseling.

Remember to bring your business cards!

Email List

The email list carries CNL announcements, and also allows members of the list to share career opportunities, events etc. Only members of the list may email to the list.

PMINJ chapter members can subscribe / unsubscribe to the networking email list via the chapter website. To check or change your subscription status:

  1. Click the Login menu entry at the top right
  2. Enter your PMI preferred email address and your PMINJ password (same as used for online registration) and click Login As Member (or use the Forgot Password link to create a new password)
  3. On the next screen, under the Members menu click View History
  4. Review your "Current Mailing List Memberships" and click the button if you need to change this status
  5. The change will be effective immediately
Note also that:
  1. The email address used is the one registered at If you need to change your email address, login to and make the change there. Note that the NJ chapter receives a data feed from PMI, so it may take up to four (4) days for the email address change to be effective at PMINJ.
  2. New PMINJ members start as Unsubscribed. Existing members of the Networking LCI are Subscribed
  3. Do NOT reply to a Networking email with an unsubscribe request - that sends your request to every member of the list
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