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PMINJ CSM & CLB Training

CSM / CLB Training

Virtual - 5 (half day sessions)

Monday thru Friday: 26 - 30 Jun (12:00 to 4:00 pm ET)

This course provides 20 hours of training in Agile practices

Instructor Led - Virtually

Code: C02020230626


These five half day classes provide the opportunity to earn two valuable Scrum certifications at the same time which could potentially save you time and money.

CSM: You will earn one of the most popular Scrum certifications from the Scrum Alliance. The Certified Scrum Master (CSM) seems to be the most sought after and desired agile certification which is great for Project and Program Managers who want to work with agile teams as their Scrum Master.

CLB: The second certification being provided is from LeSS (Large Scale Scrum). Certified Less Basics (CLB) will help you work with your organization when they ask how do we scale multiple Scrum Teams. There are many Scrum Scaling Certifications and LeSS leverages it’s very strong roots with Scrum. Less is very popular in Europe and it’s very beneficial to know one or more scaling options since every company is different and you will be able to leverage and bring ideas back to your teams that you learn from these classes. 

Did you know that the research in Dan Pink’s renown book “DRiVE” revealed part of why Agile works? In DRiVE the core principle that Knowledge Workers – the kind you have on your teams – are motivated by Autonomy, Master and Purpose. If you want to AMP your team up, then be sure they have Autonomy, Master and Purpose. Coincidentally, Scrum and LeSS pivots to success by integrating best practices that deliver those 3 elements.

You do not have to be a PMP or hold an Agile certification to get great value from these courses. This learning is formatted to combine the CSM and CLB training in just 5 afternoons.

*Please note: This is a live virtual class. For certification eligibility, you must be in attendance with your webcam on for the entire duration of the class. To obtain CSM certification, you must pass the CSM exam after successful completion of the class. No exam is required for the CLB certification.


100% on-line through our partnership with the Seattle Scrum Company seattlescrum


Michael Michael James (MJ), was selected as a Scrum Trainer in 2006 by one of Scrum's original proponents, Ken Schwaber.  MJ has helped countless organizations in many countries, created the world's most popular online learning resource for Scrum, the most successful illustrated distillation of Scrum's definition, and the Scrum Master Checklist referenced in books by half a dozen other Agile authors.

MJ is a software process mentor, team coach, and Scrum trainer with skills in Product Ownership (business), Scrum Mastery (facilitation), and the development team engineering practices (TDD, refactoring, continuous integration, pair programming) that allow Scrum to work. MJ has been involved with LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) longer than anyone else on the US West Coast. He is a recovering "software architect" with programming experience back to the late 1970s, and including control systems for aircraft and spacecraft. If you have been an airline passenger, you have probably already benefited from MJ's software.

Volunteers have found MJ's work useful enough to translate into Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, Polish, French, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Korean, Vietnamese, Czech, Hebrew, Latvian, Serbian, and Turkish.


PMINJ Member Status Thru 04/17 Thru 05/31 Thru 06/12
$899 $949 $999
$949 $999 $1049
PMINJ Volunteer* $849 $899 $949
  • All materials used in these two courses are on-line and NO printed materials will be provided.
  • Only 24 attendees can join this class so register early to avoid a disappointment
  • If the course is cancelled a full refund of all registration fees will be provided.
  • You must be able to attend the class virtually with your own computer equipment that can run Zoom, Google Docs, and Miro. You will be required to have your computer Webcam on throughout all Five days of the class.
  • * If you are an active PMINJ Member Volunteer, the discount will be deducted automatically on the registration page. A code is not required.
  • Registration fee includes everything needed to take the CSM exam once with two years of membership in the Scrum Alliance. It also includes CLB certification fees.
  • Food will not be provided since everyone will be virtual.
  • The free online preparation work must be completed before the classroom days.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation by Refund Amount
04/17 Full Refund
06/01 Cost Minus $50
After 06/01 No Refund
To cancel a reservation, send the PMINJ receipt to


You will receive an e-mail to confirm your registration and you will also be contacted by the instructor from the Seattle Scrum Company.  If you do not receive the e-mail, contact Member Services as soon as possible before coming to class.

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