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The chapter is trying to gauge the interest in a Pharma / Life Sciences Local Community of Interest (LCI).  What would our members (who work in pharma, medical devices, biotech and other life science organizations) want out of it.   

If you are interested contact Claudia Campbell with the following information:
  • Are you interested in the chapter offering individual bio-pharma, life sciences LCIs or a single LCI for both?
  • What offerings or activities would you be looking for, and why? 
    • networking with fellow life science members to expand your network
    • speakers on particular topics to help increase your knowledge
    • other volunteer opportunities beyond what is offered in current chapter groups / LCIs (and what those might be)
    • collaborations with bio-pharma / life science organizations
    • or other activities?
  • If the chapter were to charter a bio-pharma / life science LCI, would you be interested and willing to volunteer to be a part of the LCI's core team and help coordinate the activities?
  • What time commitment can you offer (i.e. 6-8hrs/month)?


 Contact Claudia Campbell at -

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