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Educational Outreach

For information:

The PMI New Jersey Education Outreach team will engage with students and educators from elementary to university levels to:

  • Raise awareness in school-age students of project management as a discipline and an attractive career option
  • Develop and deliver customized lectures and presentations integrated with university project management curricula
  • Lend the business expertise of our many represented industries as coaches and mentors, and, in support of our educator partners, as evaluators of student work
  • Co-Develop and deliver content in partnership with other LCIs and chapter initiatives to support objectives for the development of individual students and student groups
  • Support chapter and partner efforts to build their project management communities and to grow and leverage membership in PMI and PMINJ
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Be a guest lecturer

Partner with a local university to develop and deliver custom presentation on topics that match your expertise

Be a guest educator

Collaborate with a university professor or secondary teacher to coach and mentor students and teams


Be a student Workshop leader

Serve a local student organization by helping them develop strong plans for their projects and their communities

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Launch a Project Management Career

Share stories from your career to introduce students and their families to the possibilities being project management has to offer


Serve as a class or contest judge

Provide support to a class or contest by judging and critiquing project plans and work products (rubrics provided)


Be a liaison for the New Jersey Chapter

Partner with other volunteer teams, LCIs and initiatives to promote the benefits of PMI and PMINJ chapter membership

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