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PMINJ Breakfast with Board
Meal is Free with one of PMINJs Board Members!
PMINJ Board members will host casual breakfast/dinner meetings to have candid conversations about the Chapter, its services, the profession, and how PMINJ can help support members' growth and success as project management professionals.

The meetings will be held at locations around the state. If you're interested in joining the conversation, check the calendar below for a time and location that would meet your schedule.
  • Members only must register to attend the event.  With limited registration, please register for only one of the events.
  • Registration will open about 1 week prior to the event
  • Registration will close the Tuesday before the event.
  • *Location details / directions will be sent to registrants the day before the event.
If you need to cancel your registration, please email your regrets to before noon the day registration closes.

Tentative Dates
Joyce Nussbaum
VP Finance
Edison Sat - 13 Jul
9:00 am
VP xx
tbd Fri - 19 Jul
Lisa Blake
VP Symposium
North Saturday - 27 Jul
Early Brunch
John Tse
VP Professional Development
Edison Sat - 03 Aug
Cathy Bruce
VP Administration
Parsippany Fri - 09 Aug
Mark Barash
VP Membership
Rockaway Fri - 16 Aug
VP xx
tbd Fri - 23 Aug
John Bufe
Past President
Mt Laurel Sat - 31 Aug
11:00 am

Pictures from past breakfast:

breakfast breakfast breakfast breakfast breakfast breakfast breakfast breakfast breakfast

Report from Breakfast with Joyce (110818) - by Supreet Bains-Sharma

Breakfast with the Board is a great initiative that PMINJ has done for the past several summers.  Saturday, August 11, saw some PMINJ members having a hearty breakfast with Joyce Nussbaum, VP Finance in Edison. The event was surrounded by pouring rain, but that could not dampen the enthusiasm of the people who were present.

The purpose of the breakfast meeting is to allow members to meet the Board and interact with other members.

The breakfast was a good balance of old and new members. Along with Joyce, who has been with PMINJ over twenty years, were people who had been members for 6+ years. These members were able to explain benefits and talk about past associations and people. When asked, they said that the Breakfast meeting was an opportunity to meet others in a relaxed environment, and to meet other members who they had not met earlier.

The breakfast was attended by Gene Madeam, a new member with PMINJ. Gene is from the construction industry and for him it was his first event. Joyce and the older PMINJ members explained the benefits of attending PMINJ events. Gene said he hoped to meet more people who are project managers, and also to learn more about PMI, which he felt he did.  Towards the end of the meeting, when others learned he was planning to take his PMP exam, he was showered with advice.  He exclaimed: “I’ve learned more in these five minutes than I could have thought possible, thank you!”

Nita Parikh, a volunteer with the chapter, felt this was the time when she could enjoy being a member and meeting others, rather than feeling she was on duty for a job to be done. She is working on ideas to help the Chapter do outreach for its members.

Velmani Natarajan said he finds it valuable to attend the breakfast meetings since he is not able to attend the monthly meetings. The breakfast helps him meet other members and network. He passionately participates with other PMINJ members to assist the food bank in Franklin Township.

Joyce explained how, as VP Finance, she worked with the Board and a team of people. The finance objectives of the Chapter are not to make a profit, since the Chapter is a non-profit organization. However, maintaining reasonable reserves is important. Joyce emphasized how a Chapter membership paid for itself by attending just one event. Joyce explained that members can help the Chapter grow financially by attending events. With the advent of online options to earn PDUs, attendance has declined. When more people attend events, it improves the financial position of the Chapter. This allows us to plan more and different initiatives to help the member body.

There was general consensus that the event was a success.  Everyone hoped such events would continue.

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