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PMINJ PMOY Application

Project Manager of the Year (PMOY) Application

Questions can be referred to Louis Vazquez at

  1. Anyone can nominate a PMOY.
  2. The PM must be a PMINJ Member in good standing.
  3. The PM cannot be a PMINJ Executive Board Member.
  4. Self nomination is allowed.
  5. The PM should have some of the following:
    • A unique project management “story” that demonstrates creativity and innovation in advancing the project management profession.
    • An outstanding achievement in the field or project management.
    • Demonstrated project management leadership skills and the ability to overcome adversity.
  6. See additional guidelines on the PMOY web page.
The nominator must ensure there are no restrictions on the use of submitted information and permission has been obtained for the use of copyrighted materials included in the package.

Additional supporting documentation can be uploaded to our website using the following file format and naming convention.
  • Additional artifacts
    Zip all files together and upload as one file.
    Name the file:
Do NOT include SPACES in the file name. The file will NOT be recognized.

Use the following Link:
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