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PMINJ Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application

Questions can be referred to Kristin Hopp at 908-577-4144 or

There are 2 scholarships available:
  • Undergraduate: 
    • For dependent children: biological, stepchild, adopted and / or under legal guardianship of current PMINJ members
    • For current Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors in a College or University. High school Students are NOT eligible.
    • PMINJ members (Individual, Retiree, or Student) must have 3 consecutive years of membership as of the first of the award year to sponsor a dependent.
  • Masters:
    • For PMINJ Members (Individual, Retired, Student) self nomination only (no children)
    • For graduating Seniors in a College or University and individuals currently enrolled in a masters program
    • PMINJ members (Individual or Retiree) must have 3 consecutive years of membership as of the first of the award year.
    • PMINJ Student members must have 1 year of membership as of the first of the award year.
  • You can apply each year
See additional guidelines on the Scholarship web page.

The application requires that you identify the following while you have been in College:
  • Leadership Activities
  • Community Service
The applicant must write an Essay regarding:
  • How have you applied project management skills and practices in the past year that helped you accomplish your goals and objectives?
  • What is your objective in pursuing your degree program?
When completing the application, please provide concise statements describing how the Applicant meets the criteria.

NOTE: Submission of an application does not guarantee a scholarship award. All submissions will be reviewed to determine who will receive the award(s) from the pool of submissions.

Additional supporting documentation must be uploaded to our website using the following file format and naming convention.
The PMIID# is that of the sponsor for Undergraduate applications and that of the individual for Masters Applications. Be sure to use the correct PMIID#, not a certification number. You will receive a confirmation of your upload.
  • Academic records
    From the College or University registrar in PDF format
    Name the file: PMIID#_LastName_FirstName_Transcript.pdf
  • Picture
    You must provide picture in PNG format for posting on the PMINJ website.
    Name the file: PMIID#_LastName_FirstName_Picture.png
  • Personal reference
    From the individual completing the reference in PDF format.
    Name the file: PMIID#_LastName_FirstName_Referral.pdf
    The reference should include:
    • Name.
    • Relationship to Applicant.
    • Number of years Reference has known Applicant.
    • Contact phone number.
    • Contact E-mail address.
    • Details why the applicant deserves the scholarship.
Do NOT include SPACES in the file name. The file will NOT be recognized.

Use the following Link for the uploads:
If the link does not work, copy and paste the entire url into a new tab, or try a different browser.
If you are using Firefox, the link doesn't work and you cannot use another browser:

You need to be logged in as a PMINJ Member
to complete the Scholarship Application.
Note the required membership years above.

After you Login, return to this page and REFRESH to continue.

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