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VoQ Nomination

Nominate a Volunteer of the Quarter
1Q 2024 Nominations are open

  1. All PMINJ Members are eligible to make a nomination.
  2. Identify the Volunteer you are nominating as VoQ via their PMI Member ID (table provided on following page).
  3. Submit justification for your nomination.

Qualifications for nomination:
  1. Any PMINJ Member can nominate a volunteer including themselfe.
  2. Nominee membership must be in good standing with PMI and NJ Chapter.
  3. Nominee should not be a prior VoQ or VoY winner (past 2 years).
  4. Accomplishment should be completed within the quarter that volunteer is being nominated.
  5. Minimum of six months of volunteer service to PMINJ.
  6. Board Members are not eligible.
Recognition & Award:
  1. The winner will receive $100.
  2. The Chapter Pulse and Website will feature the winning VoQ write-up and picture.
  3. The writeup will summarize the key contributions with emphasis on impact to our organization.

PMINJ Board Members will receive an email notification of your nomination along with your justification.

At a later date, the PMINJ Board will vote to select the VoQ.

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