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PMINJ Survey Solicitation


PhD research assistance request

Michael Strobel, Clinical Professor Pace University Seidenberg School of CSIS

Friends, I am requesting your assistance for PhD level research I am conducting and need to collect data from the surveys for this study. I am hopeful that you can assist my research for this relevant topic.

Eligibility: ages 12 and above

Time: the survey takes 12 minutes on average to complete. This is not a timed survey.


Survey procedure:

  1. Select one survey to take (flip a coin – heads for survey A and tails for survey B) (do not personally do both)
  2. Click or paste the Qualtrics survey link below in your browser for either A or B.
  3. Have other members take the survey.  If you take survey A, have another person take survey B.  You can then discuss your impressions. 
I hope you will find the topic interesting and relevant.

Survey link: (A)


Survey link: (B)
Should you have any questions or comments regarding your experience, please feel free to correspond –

Thanks for your assistance! - Mike

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