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Upskilling Training

PMINJ has begun a new initiative: Peer-to-peer Upskiling Training

The modern work world is dynamic and ever-changing. To keep up, modern workers need to improve their skills; hence, Upskilling Training.

What is Upskilling and why do it?
Today's definition of upskilling is improving on skills you may already have whether you need a refresher since it's been so long or enhancing what you already know or wish I could do THAT. Upskilling is a necessity: whether you're currently looking towards your next great role where you want to show yourself at the top of your game or you just want to keep a competitive edge in the job you already have.

Think Upskilling is just for people who have been working for a while?
Think again.
Our Peer-to-Peer Upskilling training is for everyone, including people who recently graduated. As heard on MarketPlace: Recent college grads see a rise in unemployment.

Have questions? Email the Special Programs Team at

Why volunteer to train?

Because Trainers:
  • Deepen their knowledge on the topic
  • Become better communicators
  • Gain a sense of accomplishment
  • Aquire the skills to put together curriculum
  • Learn from their students
  • Earn PDUs
Interested in becoming a peer trainer? Email the Special Programs Team at:

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