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Upcoming Session

These virtual meetings are held during the Month. Click More Informatioin above to see additional details for the currently scheduled meeting.

Sessions at Monthly Meetings

When the Monthly meetings are physical, occasionally the Veterans LCI will hold a Meet & Greet before the meeting, at the same location. No separate pre-registration is needed – just register for the chapter meeting, arrive a bit earlier, and join us.

Feel free to make suggestions or propose topics which may help you during your career path.


The PMINJ Veterans Local Community of Interest (LCI) will provide a forum for Veterans and their supporters to:
  • Network, collaborate, and share knowledge about Veterans’ journeys with the larger project management community.
  • Mentor, develop, and foster growth for the next generation of Veteran project managers. Assist Veterans transitioning to the project management profession.
  • Discuss and learn about the synergies between Veterans’ experiences and the project management profession.
  • Leverage best practices, tools, and techniques from the military to apply to the dynamic world of project management.
If you are interested in the PMINJ Veterans LCI, please contact Virgil Yumo at 


The Veterans LCI will work in cooperation with the PMINJ Chapter to provide additional value to PMI members and people in the community with a specific focus on Veterans activities. The LCI will provide a forum to share common interests and challenges, share experiences related to the growth and development of veterans, discuss trends associated with veterans, and learn from other project management professionals in leadership roles.

Email List

The email list carries the Veterans LCI announcements, and also allows members of the list to share career opportunities, events etc. Only members of the list may email to the list with their registered email address.

PMINJ chapter members can subscribe / unsubscribe to the Veterans email list via the chapter website. To check or change your subscription status:
  1. Click the Login menu entry at the top right
  2. Enter your PMI preferred email address and your PMINJ password (same as used for online registration) and click Login (or use the Forgot Password link to create a new password)
  3. On the next screen, click Customer Information Area
  4. On the Customers Pages, click Customer Information and history ...
  5. Towards the middle of the page, Review your "Current Mailing List Memberships" and click the button if you need to change this status
  6. The change will be effective immediately
Note also that:
  1. The email address used is the one registered at PMI.ORG. If you need to change your email address, login to and make the change there. Note that the NJ chapter receives a data feed from PMI periodically, so it may take up to four (4) days for the email address change to be effective at PMINJ.
  2. New PMINJ members start with Forgot Password.
  3. Do NOT reply to a Veterans email with an unsubscribe request - that sends your request to every member of the list!

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