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The mission of the Work Search Buddy Program is to connect job seekers with a buddy to provide mutual support in their job search.

Why a Buddy Program?

With many of our chapter members in transition, we felt a need to address the feedback that job search can be a lonely process. The aim of the Buddy program is easing the ‘lonely’ aspect of the job search process by providing the ability to partner with another PMINJ member who is also in the hunt.

Benefits of participating in the Buddy program:
The main benefit of the program is having someone who can be a partner and sounding board. Please note this is not a mentoring program, and your buddy is simply there to support you, not coach or provide career guidance.

How it works? 
Apply and be assigned:

  1. Complete the Buddy profile
  2. A group of volunteers will review your form and find a match from other applicants.
  3. You will receive an email providing your buddy information. In the event no buddy is available, you will be placed on a wait-list.
Begin the program:

  1. You will meet with your buddy a minimum of once a week until you both decide that you have completed the program.
What is expected of you?
As a PMINJ member, you are aware of the PMI Code of Ethics and thus are expected to conduct yourself accordingly in this endeavor.  Additionally, do not share contact and other details about your buddy without his / her consent. Conversations are confidential between the buddies.

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