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President's Message November 2022

Hello PMINJ! I hope this note finds you well!

October is here!!

I was so pleased to be able to see so many of you on October 18th, at our first in-person program meeting since the pandemic shut everything down! We filled all the seats we had open, and had a nice meetup of 15 of you at the hotel across the street. It was all in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the PMI New Jersey Chapter. I know that many of you are not yet ready to come out in person, or were not able, due to schedules or other reasons, so we did have our hybrid event as well, and will continue to offer virtual options ongoing.

If you were not able to attend either the in-person or virtual session, I would suggest it’s worth your time to check out the webinar, and view the recording. It contains many presentations and discussions from the meeting, covering the past 40 years, including a special visit from Jim Snyder, live on video. As many of you know, Jim is one of the founders of PMI, and we were honored that he accepted our invitation. Also we had 28 of 40 years of Presidents at the meeting, and lots of great history and interaction among the presidents. The interaction was quite a treat!

Kitty Heite from PMI was physically at our event, and shared the future directions of PMI and our profession, and got to meet many of our members. Also, our own Marion McGlynn led a panel of volunteers discussing their perspectives on the future directions for our Chapter.

Finally, we got a number of congratulatory videos on 40 years, from Brantlee Underhill, our two university partners at Rutgers and Stevens, and many others!

Thank you so much to our guests, both virtual and in person, who made the day special. And a very special thanks to Steve Warnek, our VC-Marketing, Lisa Blake, our VP-Programs, and her whole Program Team, and John Bufe, for the fabulous support in making the impossible happen!

Please join us for November’s program; we have a DEI-based program on November 15 by Zoom, covering the Cultural Costs of Ageism - not just against older workers but also younger workers. We are pleased to have Chrystal L. Edney leading the discussion.

Look for the Career Networking session the following day, and the Women in Leadership book club in early December.

Thanks to all of you for your generosity in supporting families in Ukraine. As a result of more than $4000 in donations from members, the Chapter has gladly added a matching $4000, so that Save the Children is able to use over $8000 from New Jersey members to support them in this difficult time. The President of the Ukraine PMI Chapter expressed directly to me his appreciation for all we are doing for the people of his country.

Wishing you a great month ahead, and a joyous Thanksgiving holiday!

"Wherever you are... we are there with you!"


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