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With March comes the first day of spring, a welcome sign that warmer and longer days are on the way – a sign of renewal and the start of Daylight Savings Time – we spring forward! And let’s not forget March Madness!

Last month we provided the membership a Chapter Review to discuss what was accomplished in 2018; the successes, the balances, the outcomes...and to also see what we are springing forward into this year!

Similar to the NCAA Basketball Tournament, March Madness, PMINJ formed with a handful of members. The March Madness tournament began with just 8 teams in 1939 and then doubled to 16 teams in 1951. Over the next few decades the tournament kept expanding until 1985 when the modern 64 - team tournament began, resting today at 68 men's teams and 64 women's teams. The NJ Chapter has a similar growth history. Starting with a handful of members at inception in 1982, the chapter grew to approximately 800 members in 1997, and kept expanding over the decades. Today the NJ Chapter is 5517 strong! In 2003, the Chapter had 37% PMPs, and today we have 72% PMPs!

The chapter is doing something right to keep attracting, growing and retaining its members! At the end of last year, we sent out a satisfaction survey to hear from you how the chapter can better serve its membership. We incorporated your feedback into our 2019 offerings – what to continue and what to add!

Programs, webinars, symposia, networking and project management related articles / links will always continue. Look for more efforts on working with veterans and please participate.

The chapter recognizes excellence in Project Management with an annual award of Project of the Year and Project Manager of the Year – we are currently accepting applications this month, submit one! You or your project could be the winner!

The volunteers work very hard to provide events and offerings to the membership, and the chapter acknowledges those efforts with a Volunteer of the Quarter and Volunteer of the Year award. Just last week we awarded Volunteer of the Year to Dennis Ryan for his dedication, commitment and service to the chapter. Thank-you Dennis! Thanks to all the volunteers!

As winter wanes, we will march forward into our program year and our own version of Madness. Please join us in our flurry of excitement; and participate, provide feedback and contribute! The NJ Chapter doesn’t stop and rest on its laurels, statistics or number of members. No matter the bracket, we keep on striving to make it to the Final Four, and to be your Chapter Champion!
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