PMI New Jersey Chapter
PMINJ 2007 November Meeting

20 November 2007 - Bridgewater - Birchwood Manor


PDP Information

Program Number: C020-20112007
Change Management
Category Type: 3 
Subject Areas 
Knowledge: 10 
Process: 06
Application/Specific Interest Groups: 30
Activity Sponsor: PMINJ Chapter (C020)
PDUs: - 1.5
Leadership - 0.0
Strategic - 0.0
Technical - 1.5


All of Peter's work focuses on the issue of how individuals, and therefore all organizations, assimilate Change.  When consulting, presenting or giving seminars - he has a well deserved reputation for provoking thought, challenging assumptions and exposing the real causes behind otherwise perplexing problems. 
He speaks from experience with passion, conviction and a sense of humor.  He believes his purpose is to entice his audience to think deeper about Change and how it affects us.  His goal is to challenge the myths surrounding Change that construct obstacles in front of successful implementations.  While his focus is on the Management issues surrounding Change, he also speaks on how we look to the Future and the technologies which bring Change into our lives. 

His thoughts on the Management processes surrounding Change brought about by technology are published regularly in monthly columns in Computer World, The Globe and Mail, Municipal World, the ABA Bankers Journal, as well as his own syndicated column on Change Management. 

He's spoken for hundreds of clients ranging from the World Economic Forum to a Town Hall Meeting in Peoria, IL. 



Peter de Jager
Profiled by many leading publications such as the FT of London and the NY Times which described him as having "A talent for simple metaphors and pithy pronouncements" 

Peter de Jager is a speaker/writer/consultant on the issues relating to the Rational Assimilation of the Future. He has published hundreds of articles on topics ranging from Problem Solving, Creativity and Change to the impact of technology on areas such as privacy, security and business. His articles have appeared in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Futurist and Scientific American. 

His monthly schedule is hectic... In addition to presentations and seminars on the topics above, he writes about a dozen regular columns. In total, slightly more than 1,000,000 readers have an opportunity to share Peter's thoughts each month. 

Having spoken in more than 34 countries he is recognized worldwide as an exciting and engaging speaker. His audiences have included the World Economic Forum, The World Bank and The Bank for International Settlements. 

His presentations use humor to challenge the myths surrounding our understanding of the Change process and the benefits of technology. His talks are suitable to both staff and upper management. His single minded objective, despite the global nature of some of the issues, is always to provide actionable solutions and new avenues of approach to seemingly intractable problems. 

His presentations and workshops are highly interactive, fun, irreverent to mistaken ideas and most distinctively - provocative. His work forces you to think differently about things you thought you were already sure you knew. In May, 2001 he was honored by CIPS for his work in Y2K and was recently appointed as an Associate Director of The Global Future Forum a Unisys Corporation initiative.

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