PMI New Jersey Chapter
PMINJ 2010 September Meeting

21 September 2010 - Edison - Pines Manor


PDP Information

Program Number: C020-21092010
Be the best you can be in Challenging times...
Category: A
Activity Sponsor: PMINJ Chapter (C020)
PDUs: - 1.5
Leadership - 0.0
Strategic - 1.5
Technical - 0.0


The challenging times that we are facing today directly affect how organizations select new projects and execute them.  This impacts our lives as project or program managers directly or indirectly in many different ways, potentially creating roadblocks that may prevent us from reaching our full potential.  Ted Fattoross will lead a highly interactive session to walk us through some of the time tested strategies to be the best we can be.

This presentation will provide a customized insight into various project management topics with a strong emphasis on project communications.  Ted will raise the curtain, remove the blinders, and break down the barriers to bring clarity and help project managers unclog pipelines of communication - and open new ones - on their projects and in their personal lives.  Ted will weave his presentation with a mix of Q?A, role playing, and practical real life examples in the arena of project management to bring forth a whole new experience and open doors of opportunity to be the best regardless of the circumstances and challenges.

Key take-aways:

  • Humility
  • Thankfulness
  • Passion
  • Change from within
  • I find you more interesting than anything
  • Never get comfortable
  • Don't wait for the storm to end
  • Start on your knees every day.



Ted Fatteross

Ted Fattoross is a professional keynote speaker, seminar leader, coach and consultant. For over 25 years,  Ted Fattoross has been inspiring over 250,000 people each year throughout the world to be the best they can be.  Speaking for staff, parents and students, his clients include Seton Hall, Rutgers, New York University, Penn State, Indiana University, and other schools around the country.  Ted has appeared on local and national TV and radio and has been featured in newspapers such as the Star-Ledger.  Ted serves the corporate, government and non-profit markets in addition to the educational sector.  

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