PMINJ 2005 Symposium Posters

19th Annual Symposium

02 May 2005

Edison - Pines Manor

Sunday Seminar



The following posters were presented at the Symposium:

Presenter(s) Topic
Tom Antony
Managing Communication and Project Execution
Raj Bansal PMO Challenges
Brian Busico Engage Project Psychology: Are you using the right psychology throughout your project?
Antonino Cangialosi
Optimize Planned Resource Utilization
Mary Forsht-Tucker
Decision Making Approaches
Gloria Glickman
Transitioning Across Industries in the Project Manager Role
Gajendra Kabra
Challenges with Global Projects
David Kindt
Piloting: Achieve Project Implementation Excellence Through an Iterative Process
Mukesh Kumar
How to Execute in a Matrix Environment
Meher Lanka
Balancing Quality, Scope and Cost
David Lipper
Executing Off-shore Projects Flawlessly
Stan Lipper
Don’t Shoot the Executioner
Karen Muthusammy
Laboratory Reagent Utilization and Benchmarking Standardization Project
Venugopal Ramakrishnappa
Challenges in Offshore Project Management
Bill Sasso
The S.C.O.P.E. Method for Successful Project Execution
Venkita Seshadri
International Network Build: Risk Assessment and Mitigation
Bryan Shelby
Repeat IT Project Success Using a Standard SDLC Process
Tonida Smith
Getting The Real Requirements and The Right Product
Deven Trivedi
Excersizing Project Financial Controls Flawlessly

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